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AIR Music - Up to 95% OFF

Banner AIR Music - Up to 95% OFF

AIR Music - Virtual Instruments & Instruments Bundles- Up to 95% OFF until December 7th.

Participating Products:
Classic electronic drum kits
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Virtual classic tonewheel organ
Drum Synth 500
Live and studio performance drum software
Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade
Inspiring collection of twenty virtual instruments
Hybrid 3
High-Definition Analog Synthesizer
Loom 2
Award-winning modular additive synthesizer
Loom Classic
Modular Additive Synthesizer
Mini Grand
Powerful virtual piano instrument
Strike 2
Drum and arranger instrument
Structure 2
Multi-timbral Sampler Instrument
The Riser
Synth-based Transition Designer
Transfuser 2
Melodic & Rhythmic Groove-Creation Instrument
Vacuum Classic
Monophonic vintage synthesizer feat. Vacuum Tube Synthesis
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Velvet 2
Five legendary Electric Pianos
Multitimbral All-in-one Workstation

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