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BFD SALE: 55% Off BFD Drums

Banner BFD SALE: 55% Off BFD Drums

Save up to 55% on the evolutionary acoustic drum studio BFD-3 and selected expansions!

Participating Products:
BFD Dan Foord Polyrhythmic Metal Expansion Pack
Progressive, modern and technical metal grooves
BFD Dark Farm Expansion Pack
Hard-hitting drums recorded at Middle Farm Studios
BFD Heavy Rock Classics Expansion Pack
Authentic drum part recreations from all-time classics
BFD Marching Drums Expansion Pack
Marching drums, cymbals and percussion
BFD Metal Snares Expansion Pack
Premium metal-shell snares for BFD3
BFD Modern Retro Expansion Pack
2 kits designed for 90s and early 2000s sounds
BFD Oblivion Expansion Pack
Heavy rock and metal drums for BFD
BFD Orchestral Expansion Pack
Unique concert percussion for BFD3
BFD Signature Snares Vol. 2 Expansion Pack
5 Yamaha Signature-series snares
BFD Sphere Expansion Pack
A hard rock and metal expansion pack
BFD Swan Percussion Expansion Pack
Original, innovative percussion instruments for BFD
BFD Wooden Snares Expansion Pack
A collection of premium wood-shell snares for BFD3
Evolved acoustic drum software

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