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Krotos - 50% OFF All Products

Banner Krotos - 50% OFF All Products

50% OFF all Krotos products - until December 14th.

Participating Products:
Concept 2
Intuitive and creative soft-synth
Dehumaniser 2
Powerful vocal processing tool
Dehumaniser Simple Monsters
Professional Vocal Processing Tool made easy
Complex Vehicle Sound Design - simplified
Igniter Full Tank
The addition to your complex Vehicle Sound Design
Reformer Pro
Design, automate and perform any sound in real-time
Simple Concept
Simple Interface, Infinite Sounds
Sound Design Bundle 1
Bundle of 3 Superb Sound Design Products
Sound Design Bundle 2
Bundle of 4 Superb Sound Design Products
Weaponiser Basic
Weapon Sound Design Solution
Weaponiser Fully Loaded
All-in-one Solution for Weapon Sound Design

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