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Nomad Factory - Up to 94% Off

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Nomad Factory: Audio Plugins for Mixing & Mastering - available until January 11, with up to 94% discount!

Participating Products:
80s Spaces
The all-in-one 80's inspired Space Effect and Reverb Unit
Analog Mastering Tools
3 Processors for Mixing and Mastering your Music
Analog Signature Pack
Collection of 3 professional quality plug-ins processors
Analog Studio Rack
The ultimate Modular Rack Plug-in
Blue Tubes Bundle V3
Original Vintage Tube Style designs
British Bundle
True Modeling of Vintage British Effects
Bus Driver
Vintage Optical Compressor with Tube Saturation
Drum Tools
The Ultimate DRUM TRACKS Multi-FX Rack Plug-in
Essential Studio Suite
The Essential Suite of Nomad Plug-Ins
Garbage LSD
Lethal Sound Designer
Integral Studio Pack III
The Ultimate Nomad Factory Plug-ins Collection
Liquid Bundle II
A Variety of Incredible Effects
Magnetic II
Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer
Magnetics Bundle II
The Ultimate Tape Enhancement Bundle
Motown Retro Bundle
Vintage Modeling of Classic Motown Effects

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