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Plugin Special - One Week Offers

Banner Plugin Special - One Week Offers

One Week Only: Save up to 80% on selected plugins and bundles from AIR Music, Nomad Factory, Ina - GRM, Sonivox & Harrison Consoles!

Participating Products:
Analog Mastering Tools
3 Processors for Mixing and Mastering your Music
AVA Mastering EQ
Add some “Harrison Mixbus magic” to your workflow
Creative FX Collection PLUS
Garbage LSD
Lethal Sound Designer
GRM Tools Evolution
Sound Design and Harmonic Treatments
Orchestral Companion - Brass
Multi-layer Orchestral Brass Instrument
Orchestral Companion - Strings
Multi-layer Orchestral String Ensemble Instrument
Orchestral Companion - Woodwinds
Multi-layer Orchestral Woodwind Instrument
The Compilation
10 Inspiring & Creative Virtual Instruments
Vacuum Classic
Monophonic vintage synthesizer feat. Vacuum Tube Synthesis

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