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Plugin Special - One Week Sale

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Plugin Special - One Week Sale:

Huge savings on selected products from: Le Sound AIR, Nomad Factory, Plug&Mix, Sonivox and many others!

Participating Products:
Emulation of the Legendary ALTEC EQ
AS - Comp Limit
Your Go To Track Compressor
ASP Program Equalizer EQP-4
Full Range Stereo Tube Equalizer
An electrified sound synthesizer
AVA Spectral Compressor
Mastering Dynamics Processor
Blue Tubes Effects Pack
Vintage Analog Style Effects
Drum Synth 500
Live and studio performance drum software
Essential Loudness Maximizer
Eighty Eight Ensemble
Recreation of the Steinway 9-foot CD 327 grand piano
Essential Keyboard Collection
Thirteen powerful Keyboard Instruments
GRM Creative Bundle
Creative Bundle for musicians
Mini Grand
Powerful virtual piano instrument
MPC 2 Premier
A Cutting-Edge Production Suite + great bundles
MPC 2 Standard
A Cutting-Edge Production Suite
Ultimate Precision Opto Compressor
Solina Redux
Highly Expressive Arp Solina String Ensemble Emulation
A powerful Supersaw & FM Synth
The Compilation
10 Inspiring & Creative Virtual Instruments
TimewARP 2600
ARP 2600 Emulation
6 Classic Amp Tones
Spectral Morphing Synthesizer
Vacuum Pro
Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Velvet 2
Five legendary Electric Pianos
Vocalizer Pro
Progressive Vocoder Instrument
Multitimbral All-in-one Workstation

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