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Rob Papen - 25th Anniversary Promo - 25% Off all products

Banner Rob Papen - 25th Anniversary Promo - 25% Off all products

Rob Papen - 25th Anniversary Promo

Get a 25% discount on all Rop Papen products throughout June.

Participating Products:
A time travel of sound
Blade 2
16 Voice Virtual Synthesizer
Blade 2 Update
For registered users of Blade
Blue II
Innovative Synth based on the Crossfusion synthesis
Blue II Upgrade
Upgrade to Blue II for registered users of Blue
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Delay effects plugins!
eXplorer 7
Virtual Synthesizers & Effect-Plugins
eXplorer 7 Crossgrade
eXplorer 7 crossgades for users of at least one RP product
eXplorer 7 Upgrade
eXplorer 7 upgrades for users of eXplorer 1-6
Go-to Synth with unique Features and Sound
Ultimate, affordable Mastering Tool
Predator 3
The successor of a legendary synthesizer
Predator 3  Upgrade
Upgrade to Predator 3 for registered users of Predator
Punch - BD
Bass drum synthesizer and sample player
Punch 2
Sampled and Synthesized Drums
Virtual Synth with vast modulation possibilities
RG - The Rhythm-Guitar-Synthesizer
Create your own guitar grooves!
Extended vocoder effect with many different modes
Unique delay, heavily focused on special features
RP-Distort 2
Flexible distortion plugin
RP-Distort 2 Update
Update to RP-Distort 2 for registered users of RP-Distort
Rob Papen style EQ with many great Presets
Creative FX Plugin for Sonic Explorers
Unique reverb from Rob Papen incl. RP-Delay
Sound Design-X Bundle
Six formidable virtual Synths and Effects Plug-ins
SubBoomBass 2
The ultimate in sub-bass synthesizer
Four-oscillator vector synthesizer
Extensive filter bank paired with a creative XY pad

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