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Soniccouture - Up to 50% OFF

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Save up to 50% on all Soniccouture Libraries!

Participating Products:
All Saints Choir
32 Voice Chamber Choir
All Saints Organ
1906 Harrison Pipe Organ
Array Mbira
A 5 Octave Thumb Piano from Array Instruments
Balinese Gamelan II
A journey to the centre of percussion
Drum Sampler with 3 powerful Beat Tools
Box Of Tricks
Collection of 13 instruments with Imogen Heap
Broken Wurli
Dusty and tatty, as a Wurli should be!
Beautifully sampled Schiedmayer Celeste
The Hohner D6 Clavinet, sampled in state-of-the-art detail
15 vintage drum machines - multi-channel studio recordings
EP 73 Deconstructed
Vintage MK I Stage 73 Electric Piano
Unique Collection of Instruments made from Glass
Grand Marimba
A 5 Octave Yamaha 6100, Sampled in Forensic Detail
Haunted Spaces
Cinematic Soundscape Instrument
Konkrete 3
Drum & Percussion Instrument for Electronic Music Production
Modern Brushed Drum Kits
Ambient Percussion Instrument
The World´s first Synthesiter!
Scandinavian Keyed Strings
Most enigmatic Musical Instruments of the 20th Century
1950s French Monosynth
Orchestral Chimes Collection
Pan Drums
5 different Pan Drums in one fantastic Virtual Instrument
Samulnori Percussion
Korean Percussion Ensemble
Sheng Khaen Sho
Asian Free Reed Collection
The Attic 2
Huge vintage synth collection
The Canterbury Suitcase
The best sounding sampled EP you'll ever play
The Conservatoire Collection
Extensive Collection of Renaissance & Baroque Instruments
The Hammersmith Professional Edition
Detailled & expressive virtual Grand Piano
The Skiddaw Stones
Ancient Stone Percussion
Threnody Strings
Avant-garde Strings recorded with a 60-piece Orchestra
Tuned Bamboo Percussion instrument
Vibraphone SC
Most Realistic Sampled Vibraphone Available
Xbow Guitars
A Guitar Orchestra for Kontakt Player
Xtended Piano
Incredibly versatile suite of organic piano Instruments.

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