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Vienna Symphonic Library - 35% Off

Banner Vienna Symphonic Library - 35% Off


  • 35% Off All Vienna Instruments Collections & Bundles
  • 35% Off VI Special Editions
  • 35% Off Vienna MIR Pro/MIRx Synchron Stage

This October you’ll benefit from unprecedented discounts on these libraries that are powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players, including:

  • Vienna Instruments Collections
  • Vienna Instruments Bundles
  • VI Special Editions Vol. 1 - 7

To make it easy to place these instruments in one of the best sounding scoring stages of the planet, we’ve lowered the prices of these MIR products by 35% as well!

  • Vienna MIR Pro and MIR Pro 24, RoomPack Synchron Stage Vienna - Use the unique Vienna MIR Icon to place your instruments anywhere on the virtual stage of MIR Pro, or use presets that make the perfect choice for you.
  • MIRx Synchron Stage Vienna - The plugin in the plugin! MIRx presets show up directly in the sample players Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro and place your instruments and ensembles at their perfect spot on stage with a simple mouse click.

Now it’s easier and more affordable than ever to seamlessly mix your Vienna Instruments with exactly the same ambience found in the landmark Synchron Series Collections, bringing all of Vienna’s award-winning instruments together under one roof.

Participating Products:
Additional Winds Bundle
BUNDLE containing Saxophones, Recorders and Historic Winds
Appassionata Strings Bundle
Appassionata Strings I
The largest string ensembles of Vienna Instruments
Appassionata Strings II
The large muted string ensemble of VSL
Bassoon 1
Brass Bundle
All Brass Collections by Vienna Instruments
Brass I
Brass solo and ensemble with great articulation
Brass II
VSL Instruments for large-scale Brass Arrangements
Chamber Strings Bundle
Both Chamber Strings collections in a bundle
Chamber Strings I
Dynamic and vibrant small string ensembles
Chamber Strings II
The expansion of the Chamber Strings as con sordino
Clarinet (Bb) 2
Perfect addition to Clarinet Bb 1
Concert Guitar
Masterfully recorded concert guitar by VSL
Dimension Brass I
4 epochal brass ensembles - 16 instruments!
Dimension Brass II
3 muted ensembles and a brand new Wagner tuba ensemble
Dimension Strings Bundle
Most ambitious and time intensive production by VSL
Dimension Strings I
The largest and most detailed strings library from VSL
Dimension Strings II
Dimension Strings III
Four string sections playing “sul tasto”
Exciting new and bizarre instruments & sound generation
2 beautifully recorded harps with many artikulations
Historic Winds I
Historic Instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque period
Historic Winds II
Nine rare Instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque Era
Historic Winds III
The Natural Horn by Vienna Symphonic Library
Jazz Drums VI8D
Keyboards Complete
All keyboard instruments of the Vienna Symphonic Library
Orchestral Strings Bundle
The complete string section of the full symphonic orchestra
Orchestral Strings I
Large orchestral violin & viola ensemble
Orchestral Strings II
Vienna Instruments orchestral cello and double bass ensemble
Fluid legato solos and awesome power chord grooves
Percussion by V.S.L
Huge collection of Vienna Instruments Percussion
Percussion Complete
Huge collection of percussion by Vienna Instruments
Plucked Instruments Bundle
BUNDLE containing Upright Bass, Concert- and Electric-Guitar
The Recorders Collection by VSL
The entire saxophone family of VSL
Solo Cello 2
Solo Cello with an extensive range of articulations
Solo Strings Bundle
All solo strings collections made by Vianna Instruments
Solo Strings I
The legendary solo strings of Vienna Instruments
Solo Strings II
All articulations of solo strings as con sordino
Solo Violin 2
Extensive Solo Violin Library
Soprano Choir
Special Brass
Special to epic brass instruments and ensembles
Special Edition Bundle Complete
Special Edition Collection Vol. 1
Essential Collection of Orchestral Instruments.
Special Edition Collection Vol. 1 PLUS
Special Edition Collection Vol. 2
Special Edition Collection Vol. 2 PLUS
Special Edition Collection Vol. 3
Vienna Symphonic Library - Appassionata & Muted Strings
Special Edition Collection Vol. 4
Vienna Symphonic Library - Special Winds & Choir
Special Edition Collection Vol. 5
Essential Strings based on Vienna Dimension Strings
Special Edition Collection Vol. 6
Essential Brass based on Vienna Dimension Brass
Special Edition Collection Vol. 7
Special Keyboards
Exceptional and classic keyboard instruments
Special Woodwinds
Special Woodwind Instruments with unique sound
Strings Complete
The entire range of VSL strings
Super Package
The ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library anthology
Symphonic Cube
A professional orchestra in a giant bundle
Trumpet (Bb)
The Bb trumpet, played by Alfred (Freddy) Staudigl
Trumpet (Bb) Muted
Muted Trumpet in Bb - solo instrument
Upright Bass
Vienna Choir
The full scope of classical singing in a collection
Vienna Imperial
The Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755 in all its beauty
Vienna MIR PRO
Multi Impulse Response convolution based mixing solution
Vienna MIR PRO 24
Special and cheaper version of Vienna MIR PRO
Vienna MIR RoomPack 6
MIR RoomPack 6 – Synchron Stage Vienna
Vienna MIR RoomPack Bundle
The six major RoomPacks for Vienna MIR as a bundle
Vienna MIRx Bundle
Stunning acoustics of renowned Concert Halls & Sound Stages
Vienna MIRx Synchron Stage
Convolution Reverb for Vienna Instruments & Instruments Pro
Vienna Software Package
The complete Software Package from VSL
Vienna Solo Voices
Including 4 Female and 3 Male Solo Voices
Vienna Whistler
Vienna Whistler - Celebrating the Art of Whistling
Voices Complete
All available Vienna Products in the Voices Category
Winds Complete
All Woodwind & Brass Vienna Instruments Collections
Woodwinds Bundle
All VSL woodwind collections in a bundle
Woodwinds I
The most important Woodwinds, as solos and ensembles
Woodwinds II
Woodwinds for the realization of large orchestras

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