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VSL - 30% Off Synchron String Libraries

Banner VSL - 30% Off Synchron String Libraries

Synchron Strings Special - 30% Off Synchron String Libraries

All Synchron Strings Collections feature a vast range of performances by excellent musicians from the Synchron Stage Orchestra who perform frequently on diverse productions, from Hollywood film scores to movie trailers, BBC documentaries, and classical recordings. Recorded with the signature ambience of Vienna’s own scoring stage, these four collections (and the bundle) combine artistic expression, a wealth of detailed articulations and sonic excellence with natural playability and the Vienna Synchron Player’s ease of use.

New: FREE “Slurred Legato” Expansion for Synchron Elite Strings!

The new articulation offers smooth note transitions and fits right in between the classic legato and the portamento. It’s a free download for all registered users, and free add-on for new customers!

Limited Time Offer: September 1 – October 4, 2021

Participating Products:
Synchron Elite Strings
Synchron FX Strings I
Inspiring String-Soundscapes from the Synchron Stage
Synchron Package
Selection of Synchron Series Libraries
Synchron Strings Bundle
Four Synchron Collections in one bundle
Synchron Strings I
Vienna’s first String Library recorded at Synchron Stage
Synchron Strings Pro

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