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VSL: Up to 40% Off All Pianos & Keyboards

Banner VSL: Up to 40% Off All Pianos & Keyboards

Up to 40% OFF  all Pianos & Keyboards

During the entire month of June, 2021, VSL are lowering the prices of all keyed instruments, including Synchron Pianos, SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards, the VI Vienna Imperial, VI Special Keyboards as well as the included Single Instruments.

Participating Products:
Keyboards Complete
All keyboard instruments of the Vienna Symphonic Library
Prepared Piano
Special Keyboards
Exceptional and classic keyboard instruments
Super Package
The ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library anthology
Synchron Blüthner 1895
Exceptional Grand Piano with a legendary “Golden Tone”
Synchron Boesendorfer 280VC
The Viennese Concert Grand for the 21st Century
Synchron Boesendorfer Imperial
Warm, orchestral sound, rich in depth and tone color
Synchron Boesendorfer Upright
A modern classic - upright design, grand sound
Synchron Concert D-274
Grand Piano recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Synchron Package
Selection of Synchron Series Libraries
Synchron Pianos Bundle
SYNCHRON-ized Special Keyboards
Vienna Imperial
The Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755 in all its beauty
Yamaha CFX
Yamaha CFX Grand Piano, recorded at VSL Synchron Stage

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