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VSL - Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 60% Off

Banner VSL - Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 60% Off

Vienna Symphonic Library - Upgrade Your Summer - Up to 60% Off Upgrades!

Summer is on, and Vienna’s upgrade prices are hotter than ever before! Upgrade from VI Collection Standard Libraries to Full Libraries now, at unprecedented discounts. All Bundles, Collections and Single Instruments are included, please see the price list below.

What’s more, if you combine upgrade discounts with complementary discounts when you complete the Full Library of a Bundle, you may even shave up to 30% off your reduced upgrade price!

How to get your personal upgrade price:

First, log in to your bestservice.de customer account, then add the desired Full Library to the shopping cart and request your personal VSL discount as usual in the shopping cart. Please allow up to one business day for delivery of the upgrade license.

Limited Time Offer: July 1 – August 2, 2021

Participating Products:
Additional Winds Bundle
BUNDLE containing Saxophones, Recorders and Historic Winds
Alto Flute
Alto Saxophone
Alto Trombone
Appassionata Strings Bundle
Baritone Saxophone
Bass Clarinet
Bass Flute
The special bass flute by VSL
Bass Saxophone
Bass Trombone
Bass Trumpet
The powerful bass trumpet by VSL
Bass Tuba
Bass Waterphone
The evocative bass waterphone by VSL
Bassett Horn
The warm, full-sounding bassett by VSL
Bassoon 1
Bassoon Ensemble
Various types of bell and bell substitutes by VSL
Brass Bundle
All Brass Collections by Vienna Instruments
Brass I
Brass solo and ensemble with great articulation
Chamber Strings Bundle
Both Chamber Strings collections in a bundle
Clarinet (Bb) 1
Clarinet (Bb) 2
Perfect addition to Clarinet Bb 1
Clarinet (Eb)
Clarinet Ensemble
Concert Guitar
Masterfully recorded concert guitar by VSL
Contra Bassoon
Contrabass Clarinet
The rare contrabass clarinet by VSL
Contrabass Trombone
Contrabass Tuba
Dimension Brass II
3 muted ensembles and a brand new Wagner tuba ensemble
Dimension Strings Bundle
Most ambitious and time intensive production by VSL
Dimension Strings II
Dimension Strings III
Four string sections playing “sul tasto”
Drums & Toms
Drums and toms in their various forms
English Horn ( Vienesse)
English Horn (French)
Epic Horns
The epic eight double horns by VSL
Exotic Percussion
Percussion instruments from various cultures and regions
Fanfare Trumpets
The epic Fanfare Trumpets by VSL
Flute 1
Flute 2
The second concert flute of the VSL orchestra
Flute Ensemble
One of VSL's famous Woodwind Ensembles with three players
French Oboe
Glass Instruments
Harp I
Harp II
Historic Winds I
Historic Instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque period
Historic Winds II
Nine rare Instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque Era
Historic Winds III
The Natural Horn by Vienna Symphonic Library
Horn Ensemble
Special Lihtophone, modeled after the marimba
Oboe d Amore
The oboe d Amore (hautbois d’amour/oboe of love) by VSL
Oboe Ensemble
Orchestral Strings Bundle
The complete string section of the full symphonic orchestra
Fluid legato solos and awesome power chord grooves
Percussion Complete
Huge collection of percussion by Vienna Instruments
Piccolo Flute
Piccolo Trumpet
Plucked Instruments Bundle
BUNDLE containing Upright Bass, Concert- and Electric-Guitar
Solo Strings Bundle
All solo strings collections made by Vianna Instruments
Soprano Saxophone
Strings Complete
The entire range of VSL strings
Super Package
The ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library anthology
Symphonic Cube
A professional orchestra in a giant bundle
TamTams & Gongs
Tenor Saxophone
The transposing Tenor saxophone in Bb by VSL
Tenor Trombone
Tenor Trombone Muted
Orchestral Percussion Instrument with the longest Tradition
Triple Horn
Trombone Ensemble
Trombone Ensemble Muted
Trumpet (C)
Trumpet (C,muted)
Trumpet Ensemble
Trumpet Ensemble Muted
Vienna Solo Voices
Including 4 Female and 3 Male Solo Voices
Viennese Horn
Viennese Oboe
Voices Complete
All available Vienna Products in the Voices Category
Wagner Tuba
Winds Complete
All Woodwind & Brass Vienna Instruments Collections
Woodwinds Bundle
All VSL woodwind collections in a bundle
XXL Tamtam
XXL Tamtam Percussion by VSL

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