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VSL: VI Single Instruments: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

Banner VSL: VI Single Instruments: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

VI Single Instruments: Buy 1, Get 1 Free:

Order any product of the VI Single Instruments and you’ll receive an additional Single Instrument for free!

  • Multiply your free products by ordering as many Single Instruments during the promotional period as you want – the more you order, the more you’ll receive for free!

  • Please add all products to the cart, including those you wish to receive for free. You will automatically receive the item with the lowest price for free.

  • Of course you can also request your personal discount: Just put the desired products into the shopping cart, log into your account and click on "VSL User Discount".

Since all licenses have to be generated individually, the delivery can take up to one working day.

Participating Products:
Alto Flute
The Alto Flute in G by VSL
Alto Saxophone
Alto Trombone
Baritone Saxophone
Bass Clarinet
Bass Flute
The special bass flute by VSL
Bass Saxophone
Bass Trombone
Bass Trumpet
The powerful bass trumpet by VSL
Bass Tuba
Bass Waterphone
The evocative bass waterphone by VSL
Bassett Horn
The warm, full-sounding bassett by VSL
Bassoon 1
Bassoon 2
VSL's Bassoon 2 with a range spanning from tenor to bass
Bassoon Ensemble
The bassoon ensemble by VSL
Various types of bell and bell substitutes by VSL
Clarinet (Bb) 1
Clarinet (Bb) 2
Perfect addition to Clarinet Bb 1
Clarinet (Eb)
The clarinet in Eb by VSL
Clarinet Ensemble
The clarinet ensemble by VSL
Concert Guitar
Masterfully recorded concert guitar by VSL
Contra Bassoon
Contrabass Clarinet
The rare contrabass clarinet by VSL
Contrabass Trombone
The Contrabass Trombone by VSL
Contrabass Tuba
The Contrabass Tuba by VSL
Drums & Toms
Drums and toms in their various forms
English Horn ( Vienesse)
English Horn (French)
Epic Horns
The epic eight double horns by VSL
Exotic Percussion
Percussion instruments from various cultures and regions
Fanfare Trumpets
The epic Fanfare Trumpets by VSL
Flute 1
Flute 2
The second concert flute of the VSL orchestra
Flute Ensemble
One of VSL's famous Woodwind Ensembles with three players
French Oboe
Glass Instruments
The glockenspiel by VSL
Harp I
Harp II
The second harp by VSL
Horn Ensemble
Jazz Drums VI8D
Special Lihtophone, modeled after the marimba
Oboe d Amore
The oboe d Amore (hautbois d’amour/oboe of love) by VSL
Oboe Ensemble
Fluid legato solos and awesome power chord grooves
Piccolo Flute
Piccolo Trumpet
The piccolo trumpet by VSL
Prepared Piano
Solo Cello 2
Solo Cello with an extensive range of articulations
Solo Violin 2
Extensive Solo Violin Library
Soprano Choir
Soprano Saxophone
TamTams & Gongs
Tenor Saxophone
The transposing Tenor saxophone in Bb by VSL
Tenor Trombone
Tenor Trombone Muted
The muted tenor trombone by VSL
Orchestral Percussion Instrument with the longest Tradition
Triple Horn
Trombone Ensemble
The Trombone Ensemble by VSL
Trombone Ensemble Muted
The muted trombone ensemble by VSL
Trumpet (Bb)
The Bb trumpet, played by Alfred (Freddy) Staudigl
Trumpet (Bb) Muted
Muted Trumpet in Bb - solo instrument
Trumpet (C)
Trumpet (C,muted)
The muted trumpet in C by VSL
Trumpet Ensemble
The Trumpet Ensemble by VSL
Trumpet Ensemble Muted
The muted trumpet ensemble of VSL
Upright Bass
Vienna Whistler
Vienna Whistler - Celebrating the Art of Whistling
Viennese Horn
Viennese Oboe
Wagner Tuba
XXL Tamtam
XXL Tamtam Percussion by VSL

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