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925 Compressor MKII

925 Compressor MKII

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MIA Laboratories’ preferred Main Mix Compressor

925 Compressor MkII is the second generation of MIA's preferred main-mix compressor. This plugin – similarly to 409 Opto Compressor – is designed using physical modelling principles.

The high speed of this compressor’s detector allows it to follow the actual waveform instead of the envelope of the program material and -along with the Logarithmic gain reduction- produce more natural compression. This is often the case in hardware vintage and modern equipment, and has resulted in the 925s’ broad range of compression characteristics. It is especially suited for main-mix applications but also buss-mix or multiple separate channels.

925 features Variable knee response, allowing more compression to be applied, especially on high-transient sounds like percussion, samples, vocals etc. In this version, we are introducing the Slope / Ratio mode selection, which significantly changes 925’s compression curve, resulting in completely different character and dynamic response. 

The specially developed ‘Damping’ control is also introduced in 925 MkII, which allows for smoothing and fine-tuning the detector’s response, adding to the versatility of this tool and providing the user with greater control and shaping of the signal’s envelope. 

29 carefully tuned Presets provide a solid starting point for a variety of use cases. A host of new features has also been included in MkII, including Sidechain Filtering, Band Compression and Dry/Wet control.

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Features :

  • Stereo Link Operation - In “Stereo Link” mode the same amount of compression is applied to both L/R channels, based on the sum of the two. With Stereo Link disabled, compression takes place independently for each channel, whilst retaining common controls for both.

  • External Sidechain - Use any other channel of your mix as an input to the side-chain of MIA 925 Compressor, or to process the sidechain signal independently of the program material. Note we have not included any filtering process to the sidechain path in order to provide flexibility in the eq or filters used externally.

  • Output Level / Gain Reduction Meters - Very fast and detailed display, to give you an accurate and clear perception of the compression process.

  • MIA Presets - The 925 MKII offers a modest collection of carefully designed MIA Presets, to achieve quick and balanced results, or to act as a perfect kick start towards your desired result.

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4.0 of 5  
02.03.2020 Sprache: deutsch

Sehr gute Bearbeitung von Transienten, wenige Plugins können so "knallig" klingen. Daher top für den Stereobus (wenn dieser Sound gewünscht ist) oder Drums. Wird auch explizit als Stereobus-Kompressor beworben, daher kein Universalkompressor für jeden Einsatzzweck. Eher reduzierte Einstellmöglichkeiten (kein Lowcut im Sidechain, Kein Mix-Regler). Summa Summarum: Kann nicht alles, aber für bestimmte Aufgaben außergewöhnlich gut!

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  • macOS 10.7-10.14
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 7-10
  • 64 bit
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