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VSL: Up to 42% Off BBO Packs

Banner VSL: Up to 42% Off BBO Packs

Have a Blast! Up to 42% Off Big Bang Orchestra Packs + Promo Code!

This May you can save really BIG on all 27 Big Bang Orchestra Packs, from Andromeda to Zodiac. From powerful tutti recordings to ethereal effects, from blasting brass sections to fragile woodwinds, from thunderous drums to angelic choirs – the Big Bang Orchestra provides you with an infinite treasure of orchestral sounds that lets your productions be as bold, nuanced, and sophisticated as you need, with little time and effort.

What’s more, when you buy Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda now you’ll receive a promo code for 20% off your next purchase of any Big Bang Orchestra Pack (not the BBO Bundle). The promo code is valid through July 31, but it can also be applied to the low promotional prices this May!

Please note: The promo code will be issued along with BBO: Andromeda in the confirmation email from VSL. The promo code cannot be redeemed in the Best Service shopping cart. If you want to use the code at bestservice.com, please send a request to orders@bestservice.com. Please let us know which BBO Pack you want and the code you received from VSL.

Limited Time Offer: May 3 – 31, 2023

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