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Make Your Drums and Vocals Sound Bigger

The Juicer effect plugin applies a smart multi layered parallel compression and colouring to make your sounds bigger while keeping the dynamics and sounding warm. If you wish to achieve a fat, big drum or vocal sound that stands out in the mix, Juicer helps you achieve this easily.

Features Overview

  • Smart Multi Level Parallel Compression - Juicer uses multi layered parallel compression with different characters (VCA & TUBE), automated make-up gain and further EQ magic that pros apply. You can achieve a fat, warm sound with one knob.

  • Drums Your Listener Will Love - Juicer sounds especially great with drums, you can replace all your drums processing with Juicer to get your drums to sound dope fat.

  • Widener & 'B mode' for Big Vocals - Rastsound created the ‘B mode’ with a stronger widening and multi-parallel compression that suits vocals and instruments perfectly. They fine tuned 'A mode' for drums but feel free to experiment.

  • Crunch, Transinet & Tilt EQ Crunch - Crunch is colouring, clipping and distortion all melted into one nasty knob. Add a little crunch to warm it up. Further add attack with transient and add bass/hi with tilt eq.

  • Warm Sound with Analog Character - The most important thing for a plugin is the final sound character it provides. We knew Juicer would be helpful but we spent long time to make sure every audio process sounds warm and natural.

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  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB


  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB
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