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Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11

autotune bannerAntares Auto-Tune Pro 11 features an integrated 4-part Harmony Player, enabling users to create, mix, and even MIDI-trigger four different harmonies.

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This elevates the user experience to a more hands-on and creative way to play the harmonies like an instrument. Each harmony comes with mix controls for formant, pan, and level. Additionally, there are master mix controls for the Harmony Player, including EQ, envelope, gate, and width.

Auto-Tune Pro 11 introduces enhanced Graph Mode tools for a more efficient workflow, offering faster vocal tuning through keyboard shortcuts and improved zooming and navigation features. Additionally, a Graph Mode wizard provides guidance for beginner users, streamlining the editing process.

Antares Auto-Tune 11 Pro – Features:

  • Integrated 4-part Harmony Player
  • Experience improved MIDI hardware mapping for greater control and precision in your music production workflow
  • Updated zooming and navigation features enable the user to achieve faster editing inside Graph Mode
  • Refined Auto-Mode and Graph Mode GUI: Enjoy a refreshed user interface for Auto-Mode and Graph Mode

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