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Desolate Guitars merges analog warmth with digital adaptability, crafting a timeless sound perfect for producers, artists, and composers regardless of guitar expertise. Featuring four classic guitars, two iconic amps, authentic spring reverb, and guitarist-designed FX presets, this collection offers endless creative opportunities.

Immerse yourself in evocative guitar tones reminiscent of David Lynch's cinematic landscapes or the indie vibes of Arctic Monkeys and Lord Huron. Desolate Guitars captures classic sounds - guitars plugged into vintage amps, soaked in spring reverb, and embellished with tremolo.

It's more than a sound; it's a journey across genres. This rich palette of cinematic tones, both distinctive and versatile, infuses character into your music, akin to hit soundtracks. Whether a pro or new to electric guitars, explore boundless creative options and craft deeply resonating sonic landscapes.

Many well-known artists use "Desolate Guitars" for their productions. Find out what they have to say about the library in the following paragraphs:

Ramin Djawadi
Film Composer (Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Westworld)
“Desolate Guitars has great tones and just the right tools to get a professional sounding performance fit for any track” 
Ed Harcourt

“This is a phenomenal instrument, versatile and playful & above all it sounds really fantastic. It feels like all the different guitars have been painstakingly recorded & the different options one has for reverse/ forward/ major / minor are a stroke of genius. It’s very easy to use and I’m finding it completely addictive. Desolate Guitars is the perfect box of tricks for composers, producers and songwriters in transit or on the road,  I can’t recommend it enough, add this to your Kontakt Library now you fools!”
Ash Howes
Mixer, Writer, Musician (Ellie Goulding, One Direction, Kylie)
“Pure mood and atmosphere. It’s so easy to create original sonic soundscapes. Then at the heart of it are incredibly intuitive guitars that sound amazing. This is going straight on my current projects.”
Brand Ellis
Composer, Musical Director, Orchestrator (Wilkinson, Leona Lewis, Rag’n’Bone Man)

“Desolate Guitars really hits the nail on the head. The user interface is simple to use and looks great. There are so many gorgeous, but also super useful sounds. The chord section is great. Use of the mod wheel to choose between minor and major tones is an excellent idea. The two amps and spring reverb sound superb. Going forward, Desolate Guitars will be my new 'go to' Guitar instrument.”
Show N Prove
Multi-Platinum / Oscar Nominated Music Producer, Songwriter (Yungblud, Ed Sheehan, Anne Marie)

“Love this! One of the best guitar sampler instruments I’ve ever used!!”
Stephen Gallagher
Emmy Award Winning Music Editor (The Beatles: Get Back, The Hobbit, District 9)

“Desolate Guitars is a library that has clearly had a great deal of careful thought and love put into it. It’s inspiring and super fun to use. In fact it's hard to stop playing it! I have not had as much fun playing a sample library in years!”
Harvey Kirkby
Everyone You Know 

“I’ve been on the hunt for a guitar plugin like this for a while but nothing has quite cut it for me, until Desolate. It’s allowing me to take my music to another level with the sounds that it has to offer (especially the ‘Swells’ & ’Specials’ section), and has become a go to plugin for me at the moment when starting and finishing songs. Desolate is very easy to use, looks great & sounds even better. Highly recommend.”

e-instruments Desolate Guitars - Key Features:

  • Four Iconic Electric Guitars
  • Two Classic Vintage Amps
  • Real Spring Reverb
  • Authentic Tremolo Effects
  • FX chain presets designed by guitarists with easy access via macro control
  • Explore a wide range of articulations, including plucks, chords, swells, feedback, harmonics and more
  • Choose between major and minor chords
  • Seamlessly switch or blend between various articulations using the modwheel for enhanced playability

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