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EastWest - Forbidden Planet

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Cinematic Synth Plugin - Available now as part of ComposerCloud+ Subscription

Forbidden Planet features over 600 expertly crafted morphing synths across categories such as Arpeggiator, Bass, Drones, FX, Leads, Pads, and Poly Synth. Freely morph between electronic layers, acoustic instruments, and futuristic sounds - perfect for soundtracks, EDM, hip hop and more.

Featuring a brand-new suite of post-processing and mixing tools, insane filter modulation, and an extensive rack of effects, you now have the ability to break away from everything that has come before with new controls, powered by the critically-acclaimed OPUS engine, that offer unprecedented sonic shaping power with presets completely customizable by the user.

Save 30% off with ComposerCloud+ and get all 70 collections that include over 42,000 instruments plus new releases including Forbidden Planet!


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