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Engine Player – FAQ

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We are pleased to introduce our new software brand Engine Audio to you - the future home of all Engine products and new software developments from our company. The first release is Engine Player, our completely new developed sample player.

After the release we received a lot of questions about the new Engine Player. We have taken the time to answer the most important ones for you:

Can I use my old Engine 2 libraries with the new Engine Player?

Engine 2 libraries are not compatible with Engine Player, as this is a new platform that works with its own format. Over the next few months, most Engine 2 libraries will be available for Engine Player. We are currently working on transferring all important Engine 2 libraries to the new player.

My product is available for Engine Player. Do I need to download the library content again?

Yes, you will need to download the library content again. As soon as your library is available for Engine Player, you will find all new download files for free in the download section of your user account at www.bestservice.com.

Where can I download Engine Player?

Engine Player can be downloaded for free from the download section of any compatible product. At the moment you can use the player with Organum Venezia and the Accordions 2 - Single Instruments. Information about new Engine Player releases can be found on www.engine.audio. We will also keep you up to date via our newsletter.

Will Engine Player replace Engine 2?

Yes, Engine Player will replace Engine 2 in the long run. We are working hard to convert all major Engine 2 libraries to the new platform. Until then, you can use both players for your projects.

Is Engine Player permanently free?

Yes, Engine Player will continue to be available for free download in your user account after purchasing a compatible library.

Is the new Engine Player compatible with Apple Silicon?

Yes, Engine Player is compatible with Apple Silicon.

Does Engine Player support Presonus Sound Variations or NKS from Native Instruments?

No, currently Engine Player does not support Presonus Sound Variations and NKS. However, we will be adding more features to Engine Player in the future that may provide compatibility with these technical standards.

Is a VST3 version of Engine Player available?

Yes, Engine Player is available as VST3 version - a VST2 version is not available.

Do you have a question that we haven't answered in this article? Just send us an e-mail to: support@bestservice.com

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