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NADA 1.1 Free Update

NADA 1.1 - Free Update for Existing Users

New Features - New Instruments - New Soundscapes - 1.4+ GB New Sample Content


NADA, the award-winning and highly acclaimed Meditation & New Age Sounds Library by Eduardo Tarilonte recently turned 1 year old and we say thank you for all the great support and feedback with an extensive, as well as free update to all owners.

New in version 1.1 are:

  • Theremin

  • Steel Tongue Drum

  • Tuning switch 440 / 432 Hz

  • 66 soundscapes in eight categories

  • 1.44 GB of additional sample content

NADA now ships with more than 500 sounds from over 10,000 samples that are perfect for meditation and new age music, but also fit into other genres seamlessly well.

The update is available as a full download in your Best Service account or via our Update Installer.

Discover the new sounds and features today!

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