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Quetzal goes YouTube

We have scoured the internet and compiled an exciting collection of videos about Best Service Quetzal, by Eduardo Tarilonte.

Quetzal by Eduardo Tarilonte captures the sounds of a sublime era of mystical civilizations that seemed lost in the mists of time. With over 7,000 individual samples, Quetzal contains a large number of sounds made up of over 50 playable instruments such as flutes, drums, vocals, and 80 breathtaking soundscapes.

Discover a majestic collection of clay flutes, original recreations of the instruments of the time, and be inspired by ancestral drums and over 80 dreamlike soundscapes. Quetzal is the perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create music and atmospheric sounds for films, documentaries, video games or music of various genres.

To show you the potential of Quetzal, we put together a selection of the best YouTube videos for you. In these clips, you can experience the instrument's special sounds and intuitive user interface first-hand.

More information about Quetzal, by Eduardo Tarilonte!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the creative YouTubers who made this compilation possible.

Check out Quetzal on YouTube here:

Paul Marx: Instrumente der Maya & Azteken: Quetzal von Eduardo Tarilonte

Virtual Orchestration: Review Best Service's Quetzal by Eduardo Tarilonte

mazzemusic: Review of "Quetzal" from Bestservice and Eduardo Tarilonte 

Sample Library Review: Checking Out: Eduardo Tarilonte's Quetzal by Best Serivce

James Spilling: Mesoamerican Wonder in QUETZAL by Eduardo Tarilonte from Engine Audio

Steven Melin: Quetzal by Eduardo Tarilonte | Live Composing Show

Simeon Amburgey: Where Will QUETZAL Take You Exploring Best Service New Engine

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