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Steinberg WaveLab 12

banner wavelab proDesigned for mixing and mastering studios, post-production facilities, sound designers, musicians, journalists, broadcasters, and other audio creatives, WaveLab’s huge feature set and outstanding audio quality are why it’s one of the world’s most popular professional platform for audio refinement.

WaveLab Pro 12 marks the biggest release for audio mastering & editing thanks to the optimized workflow, time-saving features, and many improvements.

New features in WaveLab Pro 12

  • WaveLab inside your favorite DAW - Use WaveLab’s powerful Audio Editor as an ARA plug-in within your favorite DAW.
  • Multi-color waveform - Visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors, which highlight the spectral content.
  • Drag & Drop audio exchange with other DAWs - Seamlessly transfer any audio range, with or without effects, from WaveLab to any other application, without limits or restrictions.
  • Loudness Analysis and Reporting - Generate personalized reports detailing all aspects of loudness and peak levels within your audio files and montages.
  • Loudness matching - Match the loudness of reference tracks to the Audio Montage output and vice versa, for instantaneous, accurate A/B comparisons between mastered audio and reference sources.
  • Automatic transient markers - Optional visual guidance which aids for snapping audio selections to transient and release points.
  • Visual analysis - Explore the spectral details of your audio files and montages in minute detail with this wide range of visual analysis tools.
  • New Startup Assistant - Featuring an extended session management section and a web display panel.
  • Streamlined Audio Montage asset management - Simplify the organization of your audio montages with a revamped structure which operates from a central folder housing files and other folders.
  • New Null Test Track- This feature is a widely adopted audio measurement method for quality assurance.
  • New plug-ins- SampleAlign, BlackValve Compressor, VoxComp Compressor, Raiser Limiter, EQ-P1A and EQ-M5

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 12 audio editing and podcasting software

WaveLab Elements is the ideal addition to any DAW. It's the perfect choice, if you have just started making music or designing sound and want to easily optimize your mix. WaveLab Elements contains many user-friendly tools to help you create an impressive audio master very quickly. With WaveLab Elements you also get the full range of features of WaveLab Cast, Steinberg's dedicated audio software for podcasts and vlogs.

  • Mastering and audio editing for beginners
  • Quick and easy editing of your music
  • More than 25 effects in professional mastering quality
  • Create content for podcasts, vlogs and social media
  • Multi-Color waveforms - Visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors that highlight spectral content.
  • Loudness waveform overlay - The loudness curve can now be displayed directly on each track
  • New startup wizard - With an expanded session management area and a web display panel.
  • Streamlined audio montage management - Simplify the organization of your audio montages with a revised structure that starts from a central folder containing files and other folders.

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