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Synapse Audio The Legend HZ

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The Legend HZ by Synapse Audio was developed in collaboration with legendary and multi-award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer and builds on the legacy of its predecessor, The Legend.

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This collaborative effort has resulted in an analog-modeled software synth uniquely positioned for modern film scoring and music production applications. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, The Legend HZ ensures no opportunity is missed in creating a highly usable and incredibly versatile software synth.

At its core, it embodies the collective expertise of a genre-defining composer and Synapse Audio’s mastery in emulating industry-defining synthesizers. In collaboration with Hans Zimmer, Synapse Audio elevated analog modeling synthesis to new heights, building upon the success of The Legend.

The Legend HZ introduces a host of new features previously unavailable in its predecessor. These include an additional three oscillators with expanded polyphony settings, a modulation matrix, a 32-step sequencer, an MSEG for enhanced modulation controls, and an extended effects section.

The Legend HZ even contains a fixed filter bank that was modeled after Hans Zimmer's personal Vintage 914 Fixed Filter Bank, an exceptional and rare piece of hardware. Moreover, 200 factory presets developed jointly by expert sound designer Kevin Schroeder and Hans Zimmer have been added.

The Legend HZ features summary

  • Accurate circuit simulation
  • 6 high-quality VA oscillators
  • 8x oversampled engine
  • Comprehensive effects section
  • Unison, Mono, 4-,8- and 12-voice Polyphony modes
  • Support for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
  • Advanced Arpeggiator/Sequencer
  • Available as VST, Audio Unit and AAX

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