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The Orchestra Complete 2 Xmas Update

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Together with Sonuscore we’d like to thank you all for the continued success of our flagship instrument, "The Orchestra Complete 2". As our way of showing gratitude, we’d like to provide everyone with yet another massive Free Update for Christmas. As if your orchestral library couldn’t get any better – we’ve still found ways to make it so.

New Instruments:

  • Cembalo - Go Baroque or go home! It is impossible to complete the chamber orchestras of the 18th century without a Cembalo, or harpsichord. Make your own lively experiments and inventions with our quality recorded instrument. Rendered both as a single NKI and integrated into the ensemble engine.

  • Men & Women Choir Whispers and Shouts - Options for our choir continue to grow. Now you can add whispers and shouts to your compositions. 11 syllables are assigned to individual keyswitches and there is also a random mode to mix it up.

New Presets:

  • With an instrument like "The Orchestra Complete 2", the options for instrumentation are limitless. That’s why it’s sometimes good to start off somewhere solid with one of our new presets. We’ve added 24 just for you. 5 more Orchestral Colors, 4 more Orchestral Rhythms, and 15 more Animated Orchestra presets are ready for your use and experimentation.

Discover the new sounds today by downloading the update for free. The update is available as a complete download in your Best Service user account or via our  Update Installer.

See It In Action:

TOC 2 Screencast

Check out "The Orchestra Complete 2" in action. Sonuscore composer and The Orchestra Complete 2 project lead, Steffen Brinkman put together this Christmas song, “Light Up the Tree”, just for you to help spread the holiday cheer.

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