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Toontrack EKX Session Organ

toontrack session organ bannerFew instruments have left such indelible marks on the history of music, becoming as famous as some of the songs created on them. The Hammond organ is undoubtedly one of those instruments. Since its introduction, it has fostered generations of new musicians. This very special instrument is now part of the the EZkeys-2-family.

For the sounds, the Toontrack team scoured the market for a great original, well-maintained, and transparent-sounding organ, from which all its more than 90 rotating tonewheels were carefully sampled. For the library, these recordings were seamlessly combined with advanced modeling of the organ's tone and all its characteristic features such as key clicks, percussion, vibrato, and chorus.

Additionally, there is the flawless reproduction of a typical rotating speaker, captured with over 120 individual impulse responses, ensuring an extremely realistic sound experience. The EKX library also includes a wealth of mix-ready presets for all major styles, genres, and sounds, as well as a comprehensive collection of outstanding organ MIDI performances. 

Toontrack EKX Session Organ – Feature Spotlight

  • EKX Sound Library Extension for EZkeys 2 (does not work in the previous version EZkeys 1)
  • The EKX is automatically integrated as an additional selectable sound library in EZkeys 2, expanding the selection of available sounds and MIDI
  • Carefully and with great detail sampled Hammond B3 Electric Organ
  • Based on carefully sampled tonewheels and additional modeling
  • Offers a modeled Leslie speaker with realistic control of the rotation speed
  • Two 61-key manuals covering 5 octaves each
  • A complete 25-key bass pedal board
  • Outstanding dynamic response of tones for the most authentic playing feel
  • Three drawbar sets (registers) with full user control
  • Full access to dynamics, key clicks, percussion, and scanner vibrato effects
  • MIDI automation for all functions, effects, controllers, and drawbars, etc

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