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VSL Synchron Fazioli F212

vsl synchron bannerPrepare to be mesmerized by the marvelous sound of the Synchron Fazioli F212, meticulously sampled at VSL’s Synchron Stage Vienna.

Unlike its big brother, the F212 was recorded in the smaller, dryer Stage B, which turned out to be the perfect match for Fazioli’s classic mid-sized piano.

In this intimate setting, with more direct signals and less room sound, every nuance of its rich sound shines – from the powerful bass to the warm mid-range to the crisp upper registers.

The Synchron Piano Player

In addition to creating your sound by mixing several microphone signals, the free Vienna Synchron Pianos software offers multiple options for shaping the sound of the piano and your playing experience.

Hosting a high-performance playback engine, the software provides a full-blown mixer with a broad range of effects such as EQ, compressor, saturator, algorithmic reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, rotary, and many more.

You may also adjust the volume of body resonances, sympathetic strings, and pedal noises right in the main Play window. In the Edit window you can even tweak EQ, volume, tuning, dynamic range, etc. for each individual key!

VSL Synchron Fazioli F212 – Microphone Positions

In order to capture this marvelous instrument on Stage B, Vienna’s recording engineers used multiple high-end microphone arrays, affording an abundance of options for creating your individual sound.

The Full Library features three different sets of close microphones with condenser, ribbon and tube options, two pairs of mid mics, as well as the Decca tree with additional surround outriggers.

VSL Synchron Fazioli F212 – Overview

  • Recorded in the smaller, dryer Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Less room, more piano
  • Huge sound, beautifully rounded tones
  • 15 microphones for a multitude of timbral variations 
  • Pre-configured mixer presets, FX presets


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