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Zynaptiq Morph 3

morph 3 zynaptiqMorph by Zynaptiq, the popular audio effect for sound designers, is getting a major update. A Pro version with additional features is also available. 

Morph is a plug-in that creates a new, hybrid sound from two input sounds, which has the characteristics of both sounds and can seamlessly merge into the other.
This makes it easy to create unique new sounds, voices or instruments.

Morph 3 and Morph 3 PRO are a massive upgrade to version 2, extending the classic's sonic bandwidth even further, adding new algorithms, a patent-pending real-time style transfer module, file playback, transient bypass functionality, a redesigned and scalable UI, and much, much more:

New features common to MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO: 

  • 4 New morphing algorithms: The entire suite of V2 algorithms is included, too, of course, for a total of 9 algorithms. 
  • New Modeler module that provides particle/granular synthesis based style transfer functionality, as well as straight file playback
  • Improved Formant Shifter 
  • New Transient Bypass module that can significantly improve the morphing results 
  • New soft-knee output limiter
  • Redesigned, scalable UI with interactive-signal-flow-diagram design, built using vector graphics for sharp visuals when zooming, with up to 200% UI scaling for 4k and larger displays. 

The Morph 3 Pro edition adds: 

  • 2 Additional morphing algorithms
  • A multi-zone mapping editor and additional analysis features for advanced control of the MODELER module
  • An additional Detail algorithm for the Transient Bypass module
  • Lowcut/highcut filters for all mixer channels

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