Peel Stems
Date de sortie : 18.06.2024

Peel Stems

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Real-time stem separation for your DAW

Isolate instruments or vocals - and remix, rebalance or remove stems in already mixed audio. All in real-time. All directly inside your DAW, right on the track you are working on.

Peel Stems is a plugin for real-time stem separation in any VST3-, AU- or AAX-compatible DAW. Simply bring it up as an insert on a track, and get creative with mixed audio as if you had access to its separate tracks.

Peel Stems is based on zplane’s Stems Efficient technology and highly optimized for real-time low-latency processing. Of course, Peel Stems still needs to “read ahead” in order to separate audio inside a mixed track. But in most cases this latency is automatically compensated by the DAW. Removing vocals or bass in a loop is as simple as muting that stem while you are playing it back!


  • Real-time audio stem separation

  • Soundfield Display: Visually identify single stems in a mix

  • Mute, Solo or Rebalance stems (Drums, Bass, Vocals, Other)

  • Includes all Peel features including the Focus EQ

  • Route selected audio to external processing (supported in Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper)

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  • macOS 12 or higher
  • Intel Core or Apple Silicon


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
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