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Peking Opera Percussion

Peking Opera Percussion

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Collection d'instruments à percussion et tambours chinoise

"Peking Opera Percussion" est le deuxième instrument virtuel de Yellow River Sound, qui s´est spécialisé avec passion dans la reproduction des instruments traditionnels chinois.

Peking Opera Percussion GUI

La collection contient d´autres instruments à percussion communément utilisés dans la musique chinoise contemporaine, tels que les tambours hauts de 4 pieds, joués en solo et en ensembles, différents gongs et cymbales, sans oublier l´unique Bianzhong qui fut trouvé dans la tombe du Marquis Yi of Zeng, un instrument très ancien datant de 433 années avant JC, consistant en un ensemble de cloches suspendues à un cadre en bois et frappées à la mailloche.

Une reproduction samplée de très haut niveau, menée par des producteurs chinois connaissant parfaitement les instruments. Afin de permettre une approche progressive dans votre appropriation de la culture rythmique de l´opéra chinois, des modèles MIDI sont fournis.

More information in English language:

Key features

  • 3GB sample library, at 44.1kHz 24bit.
  • Most Chinese percussion instruments included
  • Midi grooves included
  • 2 microphone positions with dry/wet control
  • Powered by Best Service “Engine”


YRS Peking Opera Percussion includes layers in four categories: Jingda, Drum, Bell, Cymbal/Gong. We sampled the most often used articulations in Chinese percussion, some layers with up to 16 velocity levels; allowing absolutely detailed and dynamic

Screen layouts

Most of the layers have their unique screen layout. You will learn how the real instruments look like; while listening to their sound. On some layers, the individual instrument that is actually playing will be highlighted. This will help you to familiarize with the Chinese percussions.
Roll crossfade
Drum layers include a roll crossfade mapping, which can be controlled via CC1. This is a useful feature for reproducing a realistic crescendo.
Close Mic and Room Mic
All layers have close mic and room mic samples. You can use the dry/wet control to adjust the balance between them.


  • Jingda - This folder contains 2 sets of Peking Opera Percussion which include Bangu, Ban, Muyu, Gong, Cymbal, MIDI files: The lower sections are new grooves made by composer Zhang Jian, the higher sections are traditional grooves, including various intros and endings, which can be used to reproduce the Peking Opera scene.
  • Jingda Wen - This percussion set is lower in pitch, which is commonly used in non-action type scenes.
  • Jingda Wu - This percussion set is higher in pitch, which is mainly used for action, fights or similar scenes.


  • Weifeng Kit - A popular Chinese drum set for local people‘s amusement, such as ceremonies, holidays, or just for after-work entertainment. You may hear these grooves on the streets in the evening, while old or mid age people dance to it.
  • Drum Set - Full drum set including all the samples in this folder, both solo & ensemble.
  • Jiangu Solo - A big, 4 feet tall Chinese drum, played by one player. It has 3 hit positions on the drum skin, plus stick (left & right), rim (left & right), double/triple hits and mute.
  • Jiangu 5P - Big drum ensemble, played by 5 people. It has 2 hit positions on the drum skin, plus stick, rim (fast & slow), double/triple hits and mute.
  • Huapengu Solo - Smaller Chinese drum with a flowerpot shape, played by one player. It has 3 hit positions on the drum skin, plus stick, rim, double/triple hits and mute (left & right).
  • Huapengu 5P - Huapen drum ensemble, played by 5 players. It has 2 hit positions on the drum skin, plus stick, rim (fast & slow), double/ triple hits and mute.
  • Pigu - One set of small drums, a total of 12 pieces, including one shot and roll crossfade.


  • Bianzhong - This is an important instrument in ancient China‘s ritual and court music. What we sampled is a replica of the original Bianzhong, Marquis Yi of Zeng, which was excavated in the 1970s and has a history of more than 2000 years. Bianzhong has 3 rows, with some bells having the same pitch on different rows, so they differ in tone.
  • Qing - One set of small bell type percussions.

Cymbal & Gong

  • Gong Luo - Includes 4 gongs with various sizes and pitches
  • Cymbal Cha - Includes 2 cymbals with different sizes.
  • Cymbal Naobo - 2 different cymbals with different sizes.
  • Gongs Other - Various Gongs from several Chinese regions.
  • Yunluo - Small gong sets, with a fixed pitch for each gong. Can be used to play melody lines, with 2 kinds of drum sticks.
  • Shimianluo - Gong set placed on a wood rack, with 10 different gongs and varying pitches. They are mainly used to produce exciting atmospheres.


  • Producer: Zhang Jian
  • Executive Producer: Ma Jing
  • Drum/Perucssion Player: Wang Yi Dong/Wang Jun and team
  • Recording Engineer: Cao Meng/Jiang Song Song
  • Editing: Zhang Jian, Ma Jing
  • MIDI Demo: Zhang Jian
  • Graphic Design: Ding Jing



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 Revues de presse

Flag FR spaceKeyboard Recording France 08/2012

Véracité des layers, des articulations et des grooves, graphisme soigné dans Engine

On ne peut jouer les instruments à la souris que dans le 1er groupe.

Flag EN spaceComputer Music & musicradar.com 06/2012

Computer Music Rating 4.5 Stars

Sounds simply phenomenal, capturing the full flavour of some uniquely characterful instruments.

ComputerMusic review POP

Flag DE spaceAmazona.de ß7.11.2012

Amazona.de Sehr GutAuszug/Fazit

Peking Opera Percussion ist natürlich speziell, aber dennoch nicht nur für sinologisch veranlagte Musiker relevant. Sowohl im Vertonungsbereich, als auch für diverse Musikstile lassen sich hier interessante und wenig „abgenutzte“ Klänge finden. Nichts für Routinearbeit, aber für experimentierfreudige Musiker durchaus zu empfehlen.

Amazona Testbericht POP

Flag DE spaceKeys 09/2012

Keys LogoTestauszug:

Fazit: Peking Opera Percussion ist eine Library mit außergewöhnlichen Schlaginstrumenten, die qualitativ gut und sehr natürlich aufgenommen wurden. Während sich die Trommeln auch universell einsetzen lassen versprühen die meisten Sounds einen deutlich chinesischen Charakter. WEr genau das sucht, findet in dieser Library zu einem guten Preis gut spielbare Instrumente. Jan-Soeren Haas, Keys

Flag DE spaceBEAT Magazin 09/2012

Beat Magazin Logo



Mit Peking Opera Percussion ist Best Service zweifelsohne eine der umfangreichsten und hochwertigsten Sammlungen chinesischer Percussions-Instrumente gelückt. Die charaktervolle Sample-Bibliothek brilliert mit einer beeindruckenden Detailtiefe und vermag sich durch ihre wunderbar natürlich klingenden und nuanciert spielbaren Multi Samples von den Mitbewerbern abzusetzen

Bewertung: 5,5 von 6 Punkten

Flag EN spaceMusicTech Magazin 7/2012

MusicTech Magazin 9 Stars Although most of the drums are unfamiliar to us by name, each one sounds fantastic - a quality collection of diverse sounds which can be used in a variety of contexts. MTM


Les commentaires présentés ici sont des clients qui ont acheté ce produit chez nous. Tous les évaluations ont été donnés sur le grand portail Internet indépendant d’eKomi.

5.0 of 5  
12.02.2021 Language: englisch

Extremely real and decent sound~ Really love the library

3.0 of 5  
03.05.2020 Language: englisch

This product gets used in film scores. It is very authentic sounding as it is created by *** producers and composers. Sweet!

5.0 of 5  
04.12.2019 Language: englisch



MTM Award

MusicTech Magazine, 9 from 10 stars

Music radar 4,5 stars

MusicRadar Rating, 4,5 stars from 5


Chinese customer comment:

I particularly love the Peking Opera Percussion.  Been playing the Chinese Lion Dancing Drums and Cymbals on my Roland VDrum.  It's amazing!

 Specs techniques

Engine poweredBest Service ENGINE 2 Sample Player is included with this product!


  • macOS 10.14-13
  • 64 bit
  • Apple Silicon (support via Rosetta 2)
  • Intel Mac
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB


  • Windows 8-11
  • 32 bit & 64 bit
  • Intel Core processor
  • 2GHz
  • RAM: 2GB 

The latest Engine 2 and a tutorial video can be downloaded here:

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