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Punchy Worm Header

Add Punch & Saturation

W.A. Production are quite serious about music production and over the last couple of years they've developed many top quality effects with finely tuned controls and pro features. But sometimes they like to go a bit crazy!

The one and only one-knob punch powerhouse with a dancing worm! As long as you keep giving this little guy audio apples, he will be able to keep your beats pumping and your synths saturated. He will headbang to your tune while modifying transients and including harmonics. Why did they incorporate a wobbly worm into their most recent plugin? W.A. Production can't really answer that honestly, but given the seriousness of the situation, why not?


  • One-knob punch and saturation processing

  • In / Out controls for accurate A/Bing

  • Bypass toggle

  • Up to x4 oversampling to reduce aliasing noise

Punchy Worm GUI

Easy Controls

With just a couple of simple controls, Punchy Worm keeps you concentrated on the most important thing about your music... the sound. Simply drag the dials to operate and double click to reset them to default. Trust your ears to tell you what sounds good and let the dancing worm take the strain.

Punch & Saturation

Depending on if you set the main dial to the left or right of centre, you’ll hear punch or saturation, combined with smooth and responsive upward and downward compression. With more subtle settings you’ll hear more presence and power. Pushed harder will result in more brutal transient shaping and saturated harmonics.

In / Out / Bypass

Use the Input control to drive more signal into that rosy red apple, increasing the amount of the effect and resulting in more aggressive processing (and a more frantic freakout from the bewigged worm). The Output dial can be used to volume match the original signal so you can hear exactly what effect the plugin is having on the audio, without artificially increasing the loudness. Click the “Punchy Worm” logo to bypass the plugin for easy A/B comparison.


The leaf at the top of the interface acts as a toggle, which can be set to x1, x2 or x4 interval oversampling. Careful use of this control will reduce unwanted noise from digital aliasing.

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  • macOS 10.15 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 8 or higher
  • 64 bit
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