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Saturn: Hybrid Piano
Date de sortie : 14.07.2023

Saturn: Hybrid Piano


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Saturn Header

An inspirational piano-based sound design instrument

Sample Factory and Big Fish Audio are proud to present the first instrument of the Saturn series, Saturn: Hybrid Piano. This inspirational instrument is built to boost your creativity with its one-page design and ease of access to various parameters. Saturn: Hybrid Piano will give you a quirky and fun way to play with sounds and explore new ideas.

Saturn: Hybrid Piano combines a deeply sampled modern grand piano with various analog synths into one intuitive and inspirational Kontakt instrument. With a unique signal flow that incorporates piano, synths, and a variety of carefully tuned FX, this instrument becomes a highly versatile tool. This instrument allows you to create and layer many different sounds with a quirky twist.

You can create beautiful and unique pads, colorful bass, creative rhythmic patterns, recognizable leads, and using our mod function, create movement within your production.

Saturn GUI 1

  • Combine the grand piano sound with modern synthesizer architecture
  • Control multiple effect parameters at once and choose between serial and parallel connection using our unique MOD function
  • Dial in and shape Pad, Staccato, and Reversed samples within the Layers section
  • Add movement and depth to your production using LFO
  • Create rhythmic and melodic patterns with the Sequencer
  • Load any of the 10 available effects, including Filter, Stomp, Lo-Fi, Rotator, EQ, Chorus, Flange, Phase, Delay, and Reverb, into one of the four available effect slots
  • Shape the sound of a piano within the Shape section
  • Finalize your sound using the Compressor, Tape, Amp, and Limiter within the Master section

The MOD function allows users to control multiple effects simultaneously at a macro level using a single slider. Depending on the selected modulation direction, the effects within the MOD function can be connected in parallel or in series. The idea behind this function is to learn MIDI CC on your keyboard and use it while playing to create beautiful and unique soundscapes in real time. 

Saturn GUI 2

There are 24 analog synths to choose from and fuse with the piano. Instantly add depth and emotion to your production by combining piano, analog synths, staccato, and reverse samples.

There are 10 different FX to choose from. This allows you to create completely new ideas or build on top of existing ones quickly and easily. We built a shortcut menu for navigating between different FX slots, so you never have to break your creative flow.

Saturn GUI 3

To finish your sound ideas, you can make broad-stroke tweaks with four modules at the end of the signal chain. Add depth using compression and tape saturation or create screaming distortion that will elevate your ideas to the new level. 

Saturn: Hybrid Piano has 160 carefully created presets that range from clean and dry piano to moody pads, big basses, recognizable leads, rhythmic sequences, and other-worldly mod presets that encourage you to add movement to your production. We strongly believe in simplicity and minimalism as building blocks of creativity. Saturn: Hybrid Piano is built with this idea in mind.

Technical Specifications:

  • Recorded with high-quality condenser microphones such as: Neumann U87, AKG C414, Sennheiser MKH418S, Oktava MK-105, and Soyuz.
  • Three velocity layers with four round-robins each
  • Different piano articulations: regular sustain, pedal down sustain, staccato, reverse shorts, reversed
  • 24 analog synth pad samples
  • 160 factory presets categorized into seven groups: Piano, Pad, Bass, Lead, Seq, Mod and FX

Requires a FULL version of Kontakt 6.7.1 and above.

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Requires full version of Native Instruments Kontakt

Please notice: This library can not be used with the free Kontakt Player! To use this "Open Kontakt" format, you need a full version of Kontakt, which is included in products such as Komplete or Komplete Ultimate.

The minimum required Kontakt version number for this product is stated in the product description or can be found on the developer's website.

System Requirements:


  • macOS 10.14 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or Apple M1 (native)
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)


  • Windows 10 or higher
  • 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5 or similar CPU
  • RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces:

  • Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows (64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, VST3,  AAX

Legacy Versions:

If you require legacy installers of Kontakt Player please refer to this Knowledge Base Article.

Enregistrement Requis:

Big Fish Audio products require you to register with the manufacturer at www.bigfishaudio.com to activate your license. To use Kontakt Player Libraries you also need to register with www.native-instruments.com.

This product requires an activation!

An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product.