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Sphere Comp - A dual mode compressor plugin

W. A. Production has created the perfect way to approach and achieve proper compression. All producers know compression can either be an award-winning tool if used properly, or it can totally destroy your mix. Audio students are introduced to compression and most are left confused or scared to death of it. SphereComp is capable of catering to the seasoned pro and the beginner.

To get the same results you get with SphereComp you would have to spend thousands of dollars in high end rack gear, invest time getting acquainted, making adjustments over and over until you get the result you want. Not to mention installation and routing your patch bay. Breathe a sigh of relief. Don't dread compression. Embrace it.



  • Input - Control the input gain by +/- 15dB.

  • Threshold - Threshold (dB), when the signal level exceeds the threshold the compressor goes into action.

  • Ratio - (ratio/1) As an example, a 3:1 ratio means that for every 3dB the input signal exceeds the threshold, only 1dB will be allowed to pass by the compressor.

  • Output - Control the output gain by +/- 15dB.

  • Buss - Switch between Regular mode (peak compression) and Buss mode (RMS compression).

  • Attack - Time in milliseconds that it will take for the compressor to reach its destination gain reduction, after the signal has crossed the threshold.

  • Release - Time in milliseconds that it will take for the compressor to reach 0 gain reduction after the signal returned below the threshold.

  • Auto Gain - Auto Gain matches the output volume to input volume automatically.

  • Stereo - Switch between stereo and mono modes.

  • Punch - Parallel processing to add punch to the signal before the compression stage.

  • Saturate - Add tube style saturation to the compressed signal.

  • Clean - Make the compressor sound as clean as possible. If Punch or Saturate are on, it will reduce their effect giving you different timbre options.

  • Side Chain - Signal from the right channel input goes to the detector and the signal from the left channel input goes to the compressor.

  • Soft Clipping - Use to round the signal when it approaches 0.0dB and ensures it does not exceed it.

  • Bypass - Allows you to engage and disengage the compressor.

  • Dry/Wet - Mixes between the processed signal and the input signal creating a parallel compression effect, which leaves the peaks untouched while boosting the lower part of the signal.

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  • macOS 10.15 or higher
  • 64 bit


  • Windows 8 or higher
  • 64 bit
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