Tetrad Series
Date de sortie : 03.02.2023

Tetrad Series

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Three Rompler Instruments

The Tetrad Blended Rompler Series consist of 3 Plugin Instruments specifically designed to help you create original and signature style sounds. In order to identify the most often used melodic/harmonic instruments in contemporary music, they listened to thousands of songs. Pianos/Keyboards, Guitars, and Wind Instruments took the lead in the answer, which was by far the closest. With this knowledge, the adventure could start!

New Nation Audio used 4 Rompler Engines to generate each of these 3 Plugin Instruments. The samplers are powered by these 4 engines, each of which has 50 multi-sampled instruments. Your analog, digital, and live-recorded sounds are represented in these samples. The AHDSR, Filter, and Properties of each engine are unique in order to provide you the most flexibility over each specific sample. With the ability to simply manage and blend 4 different samples, you have the best instrument for developing your own distinctive sound.

Additionally, each instrument features global FX and Processors. This implies that you can manage and control all four samplers simultaneously. You can alter the Filter to get more harmonics, add reverb/delay for extra space, and change several LFOs to give your instrument more movement. To effectively operate the Gate, Compressor, and Limiter, you have access to a full Dynamics menu. Additionally, a Master Panel is available that lets you adjust Gain In/Out, Pan, and Dimension.

It's time to make the most effective features of all sound creation tools available to you. With the Tetrad Blended Rompler Series, you can smoothly combine sounds from the analog, digital, and live recorded instrument worlds in your upcoming production. This gives you an unique and thrilling method to develop your own own sound. With the Tetrad Blended Rompler Series, you have no walls, no boundaries and no limits on your production capabilities.

Key Features

  • 3 Individual Plugin Instruments: Blended Keys, Blended Guitars & Blended Winds

  • 180 Total Presets

  • 150 Multi Sampled Instruments

  • Multi FX (Filter/EQ, x2 LFO, Delay, Reverb, Dynamics, Dimension)

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  • macOS 10.14 or higher
  • Apple Silicon (M1) compatible


  • Windows 10 or higher
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