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Arabic Oud - New Screencast & Demos

Arabic Oud, our virtual sister of the "Queen of Instruments" is not even a week old and is already enjoying growing popularity with composers of various genres.
Hagai Davidoff, Game Audio Composer & Sound Designer, has contributed a great song, and the matching soundcast video is a must-see!

"Bouras" - Arabic Oud & Elysion Official Demo by Hagai Davidoff

Hagai Davidoff - Bouras (Arabic Oud & Elysion Official Demo)

The latest Arabic Oud demo is called "The Beauty of the Oud" and comes from German composer
Armin Haas, known for his musical work for Games like Mortal Kombat X and Anno 2205. Another beautiful track, Eastern Morning, comes from Stephan Schelens, composer and sound designer from Stuttgart  - now on the Arabic Oud product page!

Last but not least we would like to thank all composers of the Arabic Oud Demos, who impressively show how versatile this legendary instrument can be used!

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