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Soniccouture: Oldschool Drum Machine

News SonnicoutureWith the AC-DR Acoustic Drum Machine, the sound specialists at Soniccoture are releasing a new software instrument that transports the rich drum sound of the old days into the modern digital world.

"We wanted to make an old school-style drum machine, but we wanted to do it with 21st century sampling techniques: round-robin samples, multi-channel sounds, generative sequencers. Let's make acoustic drums sound electronic."

This is how Soniccoture describes the development process of its latest softwareinstrument. Sounds like a sound collection that no digital sound library should be without!

Soniccoture AC-DR - Key Features:

  • 3GB Samples 
  • 20 Robins per Drum 
  • 90 Kits 
  • Kontakt Player NKS

We are pleased to offer you the Soniccoture AC-DR Acoustic Drum Machine with a 30% discount until December 29th, 2023.

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