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The Orchestra Complete 2

The Orchestra Complete 2 - 2.1 Update

We are constantly working on making our products better, The Orchestra Complete the flagship of the The Orchestra product family, has been updated to version 2.1. This update contains improvements and bug fixes, which makes working with it even smoother.

As of now, all owners of "The Orchestra Complete 2" can download the update free of charge. The update is available as a complete download in your Best Service account or through our Update Installer.

Changes: EQ added to non pitched percussion to improve the sound of the piatti, wrong pitch bend settings in the double bass piano sustain layer have been fixed, wrong settings of an eq in the flute sustain articulation have been fixed, issues with hanging notes in the legato patches have been fixed.

To check your installed version, load the "The Orchestra Complete 2" instrument and click the gear wheel. If V2.1 is displayed here, the downloading and installating is not required.


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