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AAX Native, AU, Mac, VST2, VST3, Win

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Achieve a great vocal sound quickly

Any songwriter, producer, or engineer looking to rapidly achieve a fantastic vocal sound should use this set-and-forget plugin. It has 4 distinct algorithms, each of which is designed to be effective for any vocal type: The purpose of compression is to eliminate the peaks in a voice performance and balance it out to achieve a constant level free of undesirable artifacts.

The soft and incredibly melodious Gate has two purposes: it lowers ambient noise and the breath and mouth noises that compression elicits. Almost any vocal may be beautifully colored by harmonics, and air provides you the option of adding crispness without introducing harshness.

  • Ideal Dynamics - Taming the peaks in a vocal as well as getting rid of any unwanted noises, the UltraVox dynamic control just sounds good!

  • Any Vocal - Highly optimized algorithms that influence each other, so they are ideal for any vocal!

  • Beautiful Design with optimal workflow - Beautiful Retina design with all controls on one screen

Leapwing UltraVox GUI

Your vocal sound in seconds

  • Dynamic Control - Compression employs a single band soft-knee compressor with variable program-dependent (short) attack and (long) release times. The musical Gate aims to remove room or mouth noises, also with variable program-dependent (medium-long) attack and (short) release times.

  • Harmonics and Air - Harmonics give you primarily 2nd and 3rd order harmonics, that give a polished character to your vocal. Air employs equalization focused around 12kHz to give the vocal that shine, without introducing harshness. With its boost and cut capability, it’s useful to tonalize the vocal!

  • Quick and intuitive interface - It looks good and it sounds good, because we were thinking of you when we designed it. The algorithm makes it easy to get a good sound and the simple interface lets you visualise the adjustments you make as you hear them.

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