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Equalize - einzigartige Funktionen mit großartigem Klang

Acon Digital Equalize ist ein parametrisches Equalizer-Plugin, das einzigartige Funktionen mit einem hervorragenden Workflow und einer intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche kombiniert. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Equalizern können Sie nicht nur Mittenfrequenz, Verstärkung und Bandbreiten, sondern auch die Filterflanke für jedes Band frei einstellen.

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The filter slope can be set anywhere from 3 dB to ultra-sharp 120 dB per octave. Needless to say, you can operate Equalize as a zero latency plug-in when using the minimum phase mode or choose to preserve the phase relationships in the linear phase mode. Equalize goes one step further, though, and introduces the unique mixed phase mode that allows you to set the latency freely in the range 5 to 120 milliseconds while preserving the phase relationships as far as possible. That gives a unique control over potential pre-ringing artifacts which is a common problem with linear phase filtering. Latency values below 20 milliseconds ensure that any pre-ringing is masked by the temporal masking of the human hearing while preserving the time-alignment across the audible frequency range.

Great care has been taken to provide a user interface that is straight forward to use. Band parameters can be adjusted using handles directly in the graphical representation of the frequency response, including bandwidths and filter slopes. A flexible real-time analyzer lets you monitor every aspect of the processing. You can easily switch between full, mid, side, left or right channel processing for each band and Equalize automatically routes the audio signal internally to ensure the best results and lowest possible latency

Equalize GUI


  • Up to twelve equalizer bands
  • Eight different band filter types (low cut, low shelf, peak, tilt, bandpass, notch, high shelf and high cut)
  • Band frequency, gain, bandwidth, resonance and filter slope is freely adjustable for each band
  • Three different filter modes, minimum phase, linear phase or the novel mixed phase
  • Adjustable latency and pre-ringing time in mixed phase mode
  • Zero latency in minimum phase mode
  • Channel mode (mid, side, left, right or full processing) can be set independently for each band
  • Multiple selection of bands
  • Resizable graphical user interface
  • Solo and bypass modes
  • Optional automatic make-up gain
  • Optional gain to bandwidth linking
  • Two spectrum analyzers that can analyze the input or output signal from the mid, side, left or right channel
  • Graphical visualization of the equalizer frequency response
  • Preset manager and a large number of factory presets
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

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  • macOS 10.9 oder höher
  • Intel Core i3 (Intel Core i5 empfohlen)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • 1366x768 oder höhere Bildschirmauflösung


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • Intel Core i3 oder AMD Multi-Core Prozessor (Intel Core i5 empfohlen)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • 1366x768 oder höhere Bildschirmauflösung
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