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Ein solides Fundament

Monofilter GUIWenn ein natürlicher, solider Bass erforderlich ist, sorgt Monofilter für das passende Fundament, die Power und die Definition. Geben Sie Ihrem Bass transparente Stabilität; schärfen, definieren und richten Sie ihn im Mix aus.

Monofilter definiert das Zentrum Ihres Basses, welches im Zeitalter des Stereo Effects Processing, der Synth Sounds, unerwünschter Phasen Inkonsistenzen und des Microphones Bleeds so leicht verloren geht - akkurate Kontrolle über Stereo Spread und Phase Alignment, mit präzisem optischen Feedback.

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Trusted by producers

With presets for every situation and intuitive controls for fine tuning to perfection, Monofilter anchors your bass with ease, while retaining the perceived spatial characteristics of the original sound.

  • Independent mono & stereo trim

  • Stereo spectrum analysis

  • Zero Latency option

  • Linear Phase option

  • HQ mode

  • Phase correlation control

Detailed control

Monofilter Inst 1Monofilter offers powerful fine-tuning of your low end sounds and their interaction with higher frequencies. The plug-in's highly tweakable parameters include a high pass filter, plus independent width control of high and low frequencies.

These width controls range from completely mono at their minimum point, to completely unchanged at their maximum. The changes are clearly displayed in an easily intuitive stereo width envelope.

Automatic phase alignment

Monofilter Inst 2Stereo effects which use phase shifting can cause cancellations and superpositions of certain frequencies when played back in mono. Monofilter includes a Phase control which can correct phase imbalance below its threshold frequency by adjusting the phase of the L and R components being summed. This function has an auto mode which can be especially useful for input signals with a dynamic phase shift.

For mixing and mastering

Monofilter Inst 3With multiple algorithm settings, you can easily choose the most appropriate one for the task at hand, including zero-latency for recording and linear-phase for general mixing. Switch in HQ mode for ultimate definition during mastering.

Monofilter becomes especially useful when mastering for vinyl. Vinyl has difficulty reproducing stereo information in the low frequencies, and wide stereo frequencies in the bass can cause the needle to jump upon playback, so the track has to be cut at a lower level to compensate.

For live and recording

Monofilter Inst 4Monofilter's Zero Latency algorithm has been designed with low CPU usage in mind, making it ideal for live and recording applications where low latency is essential. The 'link' control can be used to switch all Monofilter instances to the same algorithm simultaneously.

In a live context, you can use Monofilter to maintain even power distribution, and to reduce the width of hard-panned effects. This can be important in larger venues where many audience members' listening experience may be dominated by a single speaker stack, leaving them unable to experience the full stereo image.

Playback systems

Different playback systems and mediums have different requirements and low frequency ranges. If the intended playback medium is known, then Monofilter can be adjusted to make full use of the available headroom and optimised to take into account the low frequency handling available. Likely ranges are:

  • Laptop - Minimum frequency 200Hz;

  • TV - Minimum frequency 90Hz

  • Computer game 2.1 system - Minimum frequency 50Hz

  • Hi-fi - Minimum frequency 35-50Hz; low frequency crossover 80-150Hz

  • Home theatre - Minimum frequency 35Hz; low frequency crossover 80-160Hz

  • Club PA - Minimum frequency 20Hz; low frequency crossover 90-250Hz

  • Vinyl - Minimum frequency n/a; low frequency crossover 70-150Hz

Typical applications

  • Bringing definition to weak bass

  • Re-centering low frequencies

  • Correcting phase issues

  • Restoring old masters

  • Mastering for vinyl

  • Optimising for louder playback

  • Ensuring mono-compatibility

  • Fixing samples

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  • macOS 10.7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB


  • Windows 7 oder höher
  • RAM: 512 MB
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