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Symhobia Series 1.6. released

Symphobia Series 1.6. upgrade

Die Symphobia Serie ist ein bewährtes und inspirierendes Werkzeug für Film Soring, Games und TV-Produktionen. Symphobia bietet Ensemble Recordings eines kompletten Symphony Orchesters mit Chor, verschiedenste wunderschöne Solo Instrumente und eine unschlagbare Sammlung an cinematischen Effekten.

Entdecken Sie jetzt die umfangreich upgedatete Version  1.6

Symphobia Series


New articulations & effects (S1 & S2)
The Symphobia Series 1.6 Edition adds newly recorded sample content.

Sul Tasto Strings
Symphobia 1 now features a beautiful set of sul tasto strings. Recorded in multiple dynamics, starting at a whispering ppp, these sul tastos can be played as a full ensemble or per section.

Ghostly Strings
For Symphobia 2, we recorded a hair-raising new set of string effects, which we dubbed the Ghostly Strings. Killer Bees, Undead Trills and Creepy Bending give you an idea of some of the sounds you will encounter. Many of the effects are available in multiple, mod-wheel controlled dynamics, as well as different articulations.

New Multis
Both Symphobia 1 and 2 pack numerous new and inspiring Multis to experiment with.

New features (S1, S2 & S3)
Over 16 new features were added to the Symphobia Series 1.6 Edition, as well as many performance enhancements and fixes. In Symphobia 1 and 2, you can now switch articulations using the new articulation slider, which can also be mapped to CC. In all three Symphobia volumes, you can now lock your selected articulations, disabling all keyswitches and other articulation control, which is very useful when using bigger templates. It is now also possible to route individual mic outputs, lock round robins and enable/disable the sustain pedal. For an overview of the biggest changes, check out the video on the right.


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