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Intuitive Live-Performance mit Loops

SyncPlay bietet viele intuitive Möglichkeiten, Musik mit Loops und Ihrem Keyboard zu spielen/komponieren. Mit SyncPlay können Sie einzigartige Melodie-, Rhythmus- und Vocal-Lines erstellen, Live-Effekte mit Ihrem Keyboard hinzufügen und Ihre musikalischen Ideen dank der integrierten Drag-and-Drop-Funktion schnell umsetzen.

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  • Always in Sync - Drop your loops to each track and start playing. SyncPlay will sync all of your loops to your bpm with a world class time-pitch scaling algorithm. You can riff with your patterns, chop them, speed up or slow down.

  • Pattern Composing Tech - Now, in SyncPlay, when you play a sample (by keyboard or MIDI), it will start playing at a synced position (to your DAW and other loops) allowing you to compose while playing and add detailed gestures, even live effects.

  • Develop Musical Ideas - Drag-and-drop a musical idea with up to 6 tracks (with one instance of SyncPlay) and develop it using your keyboard only. For example play with multiple drum/percussion patterns, chopping and injecting variation on the fly. Or, even, connect an arpeggiator to our instrument and go experimental.

  • Live FX with Keyboard - SyncPlay gives you 7 loop mangling effects you can adjust to your liking and “play” with your left hand, while performing with the loops with your right hand. Effect settings page let you edit the effects and shows which effects are active with yellow light.

  • Strong Per Track Capabilities - You can adjust pitch, gain, attack, release, bipolar filter and add send fx (reverb & delay) for each track to modulate the sounds to your liking or fine tune for your mix.

  • Adjust Speed up to 4x. - Through detailed settings you can speed up or down a loop up to 4x. We even added non even multiples to create rare rhythmic possibilities.

  • Create unique melodic, rhythmic & vocal lines - You can use SyncPlay to develop whole musical ideas as well as variety in your tonal elements, gestural percussive elements or unique vocal lines.

  • Comes with all the capabilities of midi - Whatever you perform on the keyboard will be recorded to midi and can be replayed, edited and recorded. You can even trigger SyncPlay with an arpeggiator.

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  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB


  • 64 bit
  • RAM: 4GB
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