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Hollywood Fantasy Strings

Hollywood Fantasy Strings

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Instrumente des Mittelalters, der Renaissance und des Barock

Hollywood Fantasy Strings, die erste Ausgabe von Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra, bietet Aufnahmen von zeitgenössischen Orchestermusikern zusammen mit fünf der berühmtesten Instrumente des Mittelalters, Renaissance und Barock. Hollywood Fantasy Strings bietet alles, was Sie brauchen, um das ideale Fantasy-Stück auf höchstem professionellem Niveau zu erstellen, einschließlich echtem Legato und einer Vielzahl von Artikulationen.

Traditionelle Celli werden durch ein Viola da Gamba-Ensemble ersetzt, Geigen durch ein Hardanger-Fiddle-Ensemble. Lauten und Hackbretter wurden in Trios aufgenommen, wodurch ein wunderschönes, funkelndes Stereobild entsteht, das sich in jeder Mischung durchsetzt. Außerdem gibt es Drehleier und massiv klingende traditionelle Streicherensembles, die in Oktaven aufgenommen wurden. Jedes Instrument wurde auf die gleiche Weise mikrofoniert wie die Hollywood Orchestra-Serie und im gleichen Raum aufgenommen - Studio One - dem Ort, an dem unzählige Film-, Fernseh- und Spiele-Soundtracks aufgenommen wurden.

Jedes Instrument ist mit 3 Stimmungen programmiert, auf einer Skala von sehr authentisch bis sehr filmisch: klassisch, sanft und episch. Sie können je nach Bedarf zwischen diesen verschiedenen Klangfarben wechseln und genau den Fantasie-Orchestersound einsetzen, den Sie in Ihrem Kopf hören. Sie haben individuelle Kontrolle über den Pegel und das Panorama von vier separaten Mikrofonpositionen: Close, Mid, Main und Surround, wodurch Sie die volle Kontrolle über die Dimension des Klangs erhalten.

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What´s Included?

147 instruments across 6 ensembles and 2 solo instruments with numerous articulations. Build the exact sonic tapestry you’ve been dreaming of with these incredible fantasy-inspired instruments.

  • 3 Hardanger Fiddles - Perhaps Norway’s most prized musical contribution, the hardanger fiddle is similar to a violin but with a more vibrant, brilliant quality owing to its body construction and doubled strings — it often sounds like two violinists playing at once! Some of its most stunning uses in modern music are in Howard Shore’s Rohan theme from Lord of the Rings and Bear McCreary’s traditional string arrangements in God of War. Try it out on brilliant, lyrical melodies and sub it in for violins when you need to add in a Viking flair.

  • 3 Lutes - The lute is famous for its role in Renaissance folk music in the hands of troubadours and singers, functioning much like the 12-string guitar with a greater midrange emphasis and gentler character. It’s been used in countless soundtracks, including The Tudors, Whisper of the Heart, Only Lovers Left Alive, the popular roguelike game Hades and much more. This 10-stringed instrument is equally adept at both virtuoso passages and providing a smooth chordal background for the viola da gamba and hardanger fiddle.

  • 3 Viola Da Gambas - If you’ve ever listened to sonorous, non-vibrato Baroque bowed string music, you’ve probably had a taste of the viola da gamba’s vibrant quality. Similar in shape and sound to a cello, this lush full-spectrum instrument is an ancestor of the modern string ensemble. It remained in relative obscurity until the film Tous les Matins du Monde brought it back, featuring a traveling viol virtuoso, and has made appearances in scores like Austin Wintory’s soundtrack for The Pathless. Try it out in place of a cello, especially if you want to add in a Baroque chamber feel!

  • Low Strings: 6 Celli, 4 Basses - These modern day strings are present for one reason: Power. Before the string bass, there was very little low-end energy in ensembles — energy that modern soundtracks simply can’t live without. This is the perfect way to support your fantasy strings with a consistent style and timbre, extending the range of your entire ensemble instantly.

  • High Strings: 8 Violins, 6 Violas - Low strings wouldn’t be complete without their high-end partners, so we’ve also included violin and viola in the mix. They blend perfectly with the other stringed instruments in the collection and provide a strong backing so the other pieces can shine through; no layering or complex production techniques required.

  • 3 Mountain Dulcimers - The true origins of the mountain dulcimer lie in the Middle East, after which it evolved in Europe and was brought to the Appalachian Mountains by early Scottish and Irish settlers. It's now a staple in tons of folk music and has been used by some of the biggest musicians in modern-day history such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. Its character is similar to the mandolin, and it boasts a rich combination of warm body and a bright, twinkling high end. This is perfect for fast virtuoso passages and doubles beautifully with the hardanger fiddle and lute.

  • 2 Hurdy Gurdies - Perhaps the most unique instrument in the collection, the hurdy gurdy is played via a crank that drags a wooden wheel along multiple felt-coated strings for a thick, layered drone with melodic accompaniment. It’s been utilized in a number of games, movies, and shows like The Witcher, Fringe, The Conjuring, and tons more, but one of its most distinctive uses was in Black Sails — its jagged, “broken” quality is a perfect way to offset the mellow quality of the other pieces in this collection and incorporate a folksy character into any piece.

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  • macOS 10.13 oder höher
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  • SSD-Festplatte (SATA or PCIe)


  • Windows 10 oder höher
  • ASIO-Soundtreiber
  • Quad-Core CPU (Octa-Core empfohlen)
  • 2,7 GHz oder höher
  • RAM: 16GB (32GB oder mehr empfohlen)
  • SSD-Festplatte (SATA or PCIe)


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