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The 10 scariest products you can buy in our shop

The 10 scariest products you can buy in our shop

Just in time for Halloween, we've scoured the darkest corners of the virtual shelves of the Best Service warehouse and picked out the 10 spookiest products for you. With these sound-collections, instruments and MIDI-packages, you can turn your studio into a place of horror with a goosebump-guarantee.

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#1: Best Service „The Orchestra – "Horns of Hell"

The first instrument on our list not only has a scary name. With "Horns of Hell" from the well-known Best Service „The-Orchestra-series“ you get a powerful brass, organ and percussion library, that has everything you need to unleash hell on your keys. In addition, the library proves to be an inexpensive entry into „The-Orchestra-universe“.

#2: Best Service „Dark ERA“

Second on our list is an instrument that delivers mythical sounds of forgotten tribes and cultures. The myth of the vikings has fascinated people for centuries. With Dark ERA, you get throat singers, frame drums, and war horns for your studio. This library includes almost every important instrument from the dark ages of the old gods.

#3: Big Fish Audio „Darkness: Cinematic Sound Design“

In this 2.8 GB sound-library, the sample specialists from Big Fish Audio combine scary loops and samples that help composers scare their listeners. Fun fact: All sounds were created without synthetic sounds.

#4: Zero-G „Dark Skies – Cinematic Ambiences“

Don't be surprised if your neighbours knock on your studios door and complain about the darkened sky. "Dark Skies - Cinematic Ambiences“ by ZERO-G includes over 1.000 creepy instruments and a huge collection of loops. This library is perfect for scoring horror films.

#5: BOOM Library „Cinematic Horror – Bundle“

Already the cover design of the Cinematic-Horror-Bundle from BOOM Library leaves no doubt – this sound collection was designed to spread fear and terror. Over 1.800 scary sounds form an extensive collection for creepy sound-effects.

#6: Gothic Instruments „Dronar Cinematic Atmospheres“

If you are looking for dark soundscapes and atmospheric pads, sooner or later you will stumble over the fifth module of the well-known Dronar-series from Gothic-Instruments. The 144 patches, based on both synthesizers and organic sounds, were created by the well-known Hollywood sound designer Alessandro Camnasio.

#7: Toontrack EZkeys „MIDI Movie Scores – Horror“

How do you tell a nightmare musically? This not-so-common question was posed by the developers of the MIDI extension „Movie Scores - Horror“ for EZkeys Piano. Inspired by groundbreaking directors of the genre such as Wes Craven and Takashi Shimizu, they created a MIDI-collection that includes slow, building passages, rampant staccatos and eerie disharmonies. By the way, to use this product you need an installed and activated version of EZkeys Piano.

#8: Soundiron „Sick Bundle“

The Sick Bundle from Soundiron combines all seven parts of the well-known series in a library of over 20 GB. Whether you are looking for zombie- and demon-sounds, playable instruments of horror or special horror-effects – this is for you. This package is the perfect bundle for all composers who like to spread fear and terror. Right now there is a great discount promotion on the Sick Bundle and all individual products of the series.

#9: Krotos „Dehumaniser – Simple Monsters“

With the Simple-Monsters-Edition of the well-known Dehumaniser from Krotos, you can easily create monster-sounds of any kind. It doesn't matter if you want to create sounds for zombies, mummies or other scary creatures. This plugin is a very special vocal-processing-tool. The Krotos „Dehumaniser - Simple Monsters" and the big version, the „Dehumaniser 2", are available at reduced prices in the Best Service Shop right now.

#10: Ueberschall „Dark Guitar Tunes“

When you think of spooky music, you think of shrill piano sounds, grueling string arrangements or deep sub-basses. But guitars can also cause a queasy feeling. A particularly good example is the soundtrack of the zombie movie "28 Days Later". The Ueberschall library "Dark Guitar Tunes" delivers a wide range of gloomy guitar sounds in the form of loops and phrases, which take up around 3.5 GB of hard drive space.

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