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100% BX Bundle V2

100% BX Bundle V2

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Brainworx’s award-winning Plugins Collection V2.8

The 100% Brainworx Bundle includes all 29 of Brainworx’s award-winning plugins; version 2.8 introduces to the collection a revolutionary new product from Brainworx: bx_rooMS. The first giant leap into reverb units from the leading M/S plugin developer, bx_rooMS produces some of the lushest and most transparent tails you’ll get from a reverb plugin. Powered by a cutting edge algorithm from development partner, Fiedler Audio, bx_rooMS seamlessly transitions from large ambiences to small rooms to plates and churches along a continuous range of controls, allowing unprecedented flexibility in creating a totally custom virtual space with what is called TrueSpace technology. Quick Select buttons produce key settings that allow intuitive customization from a variety of reverb starting points, while unique parameters like Directivity and Source Distance allow in-depth tweaking of sound source/response behavior to paint a detailed picture of the virtual environment. And what Brainworx reverb wouldn’t be complete without onboard M/S Separate mono and stereo information, then tweak frequency response to sweeten the Sides of the reverb tail, or add presence to the Mid of the source signal; the included Mono-Maker, Stereo Width and Mid Pan controls allow immense flexibility when controlling the stereo image of the sound you design.

Recent additions to the 100% Brainworx Bundle V2.8 include the flagship bx_digital EQ, which received a major upgrade from V2 to V3. The brand new bx_cleansweep Pro, perhaps one of the most effective and comprehensive high pass/low pass filter plugins ever developed, was also recently added to the lineup. This bundle also includes Brainworx’s revolutionary bx_console channel strip emulation of Dirk Ulrich’s personal Neve VXS™ console, which features Tolerance Modeling Technology ™ (TMT) and has made a huge splash throughout the industry for its combination of sweet EQ bands, punchy compressor, and unique analog character in the box.

With EQs, dynamics processors, M/S & mastering tools, and tone enhancement plugins, the 100% BX Bundle V2.8 will dramatically improve the sound of your mixes and masters.

Bundle Products:

  • bx_bassdude A faithful emulation of the legendary American amp that became the foundation for generations of rock ‘n roll amplifier design.
  • bx_bluechorus2 The rich, smooth chorus of the classic “Blue” pedal in plugin form.
  • bx_boom! An incredibly simple plugin with just two parameters. bx_boom exists for only one purpose: to make your kick drums thunder!
  • bx_control V2 M/S Stereo Field Enhancement plus Sophisticated Monitoring and Metering
  • bx_console A faithful emulation of the rare and coveted Neve VXS console, and is the first to utilize its revolutionary new Tolerance Modeling Technology
  • bx_cleansweep Pro, is the reincarnation of our free hybrid High-Pass and Low-Pass filter. Sporting the addition of five filters with adjustable slopes and characters for each, and spectrum analysis with an advanced frequency/phase plot, this next generation in the bx_cleansweep legacy provides an accurate and intuitive tool for your mixing needs.
  • bx_digital V3 The flagship of the Brainworx product line and one of the best-loved and most powerful software EQs available.
  • bx_dynEQ V2 A truly NEW approach to dynamic frequency treatment, with innovative M/S features for results not possible with any other EQ.
  • bx_distorange Snarling, grinding distortion relied on by artists ranging from Kurt Cobain to Steve Vai.
  • bx_greenscreamer The most popular overdrive pedal ever made, faithfully re-created as a plugin.
  • bx_hybrid V2 This powerful, flexible 11-band EQ allows you to quickly identify and fix problem frequencies.
  • bx_limiter Professional grade low-latency limiter for mono, stereo & multi-channel signals. Perfect for stems and submixes.
  • bx_megadual A faithful emulation of perhaps the most popular boutique tube guitar amp ever built.
  • bx_megasingle A faithful emulation of a the legendary sound of a tube rectifier guitar amp.
  • bx_meter Sophisticated Peak, RMS and Dynamic Range meter provides a detailed look at your audio signal, which will help improve the sound of your mixes.
  • bx_opto This extremely musical optical compressor from Brainworx delivers opto tone to tracks and busses.
  • bx_opto Pedal A simplified version of Brainworx’s Optical Compression Tone Monster. Great on guitars, basses and even vocals and drums.
  • bx_refinement Bring tube-like analog mastering chain tone into your DAW. Easily soften high frequency harshness in mixes and masters.
  • bx_rockrack PRO V3 Award-winning guitar amp plugin like no other. Includes complete recording chains of 2 world-class studios in LA and Germany!
  • bx_saturator V2 Add subtle warmth or crushing distortion with this flexible and sonically sweet processor
  • bx_shredspread Intelligent M/S processing will make your stereo guitar & keyboard tracks wide and fat. A great tool to have in your arsenal.
  • bx_stereomaker Frequency-optimized M/S upmixing plugin quickly and easily converts mono signals to stereo.
  • bx_XL V2 The New Loud! bx_XL is an M/S stereo mastering limiter that makes your mixes loud without sounding squashed.
  • bx_yellowdrive Warm to crunch to shred with this classic “Yellow” pedal in plugin form.
  • bx_metal2, models the Boss MT-2®,
  • bx_blackdist2, models the ProCo RAT 2®.
  • bx_rooMS, One of the lushest and most realistic reverb plugins in existence

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Supported Operating Systems

  • OS X 10.8 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher in 32- or 64 bit

Mac - Intel CPU only (minimum 2 GHz recommended)

PC - Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; minimum 2 GHz recommended)

System Requirements:

  • Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM


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