The Score - Free Update Available
We’ve updated THE SCORE with a host of exciting new features, streamlining your music composing workflow even more.
ZERO-G Elements - Kepler
Elements - Kepler embarks on a sonic odyssey that is sure to ignite boundless inspiration within your musical compositions.
Superbooth24 – Visit us
SUPERBOOTH24 takes place from May 16th to May 18th, 2024 in Berlin. We will also be there and look forward to your visit.
Synapse Audio The Legend HZ
The Legend HZ by Synapse Audio was developed in collaboration with legendary and multi-award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer.
Zynaptiq Morph 3
Morph by Zynaptiq, the popular audio effect for sound designers, is getting a major update. A Pro version with additional features is also available. 
EastWest Sounds Hollywood Strings 2
The long-awaited sequel to Hollywood Strings has finally arrived, offering six microphone positions and all essential articulations.
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 11 features an integrated 4-part Harmony Player, enabling users to create, mix, and even MIDI-trigger four different harmonies.
Engine Player – FAQ
After the release, we received a number of questions about the new Engine Player. We have taken the time to answer the most important ones for you.
Sonible pure:unmask
pure:unmask tidies up your mix and prevents, thanks to spectral unmasking, any audio interference in the frequency spectrum between two tracks.
Soniccouture Pan Drums II
Pan Drums II gives you the entire spectrum of different pan sounds, in any key you need, ready in your DAW.
GForce Software VSM IV
GForce Software launches VSM IV, a virtual string machine that contains sounds of 46 classic and rare string machines.
Soundiron Hyperion Strings Ensemble
Hyperion Strings Ensemble is an orchestral string library with a brilliant sound, a wide range of articulations and more.
iZotope Trash
Trash, the iconic distortion engine, returns with a fresh approach. Perfect your track with a good dose of imperfection.
D16 Group Sigmund 2
D16 Group Sigmund 2 is a high-quality, flexible virtual delay that offers an incredible amount of sound shaping possibilities.
Heavyocity Solo Textures
Heavyocity launches Solo Textures, a library that includes solo violin, viola and cello with 16 articulations and more.
SOS Review: The Score
Sound on Sound tested our All-in-One Scoring Tool "The Score" and in this article you find out how The Score proved itself in the practical test.
EastWest 36th Anniversary
EastWest Sounds unveil phenomenal promos for their 36th Anniversary! Add premium virtual instruments to your sonic arsenal!
Ableton Live 12 Out Now
Ableton Live 12 is now available. This major update gives music makers new tools for starting and building on their ideas, exciting sounds and more!
SOS Review: Revoice Pro 5
The latest review of Revoice Pro 5 by Sound on Sound reaffirms the unique capabilities and effectiveness of the software.
Sonuscore Medieval Phrases Fiddle & Nyckelharpa
Experience the essence of medieval times with Medieval Phrases Fiddle & Nyckelharpa.
GForce Software OB-EZ
OB-EZ by GForce Software: Fat sound, customizable UI, CC-MIDI mapping, vintage knob, panning modes, preset browser. Perfect for producers & sound designers!
Cherry Audio CR-78 Drum Machine
Cherry Audio introduces the CR-78, a virtual drum machine that pays homage to the original while expanding its capabilities.
VSL Synchron Fazioli F212
Prepare to be mesmerized by the marvelous sound of the Synchron Fazioli F212, meticulously sampled at VSL’s Synchron Stage Vienna.
Toontrack EKX Session Organ
Since its introduction, the Hammond organ has inspired generations of musicians - now it is part of the EZkeys-2-family.
Baby Audio Atoms
Atoms is a software plugin that lets you create a wide range of unique sounds using advanced technology called physical modeling.
Virtual Guitarist Silk 2
UJAM Instruments Silk 2 brings the characteristic sound of guitars with nylon strings to your digital studio.
Arturia Pigments 5
Arturia Pigments 5 is now available! The perfect tool for music producers and sound designers.
Steinberg WaveLab 12
WaveLab Pro 12 marks the biggest release for audio mastering & editing thanks to the optimized workflow, time-saving features, and many improvements.
e-instruments Desolate Guitars
Desolate Guitars comes with four classic guitars, two iconic amps, authentic spring reverb, and cool FX presets.
Sonible smart:EQ 4
smart:EQ 4 stands out as a sophisticated equalizer, employing intelligent analysis of your audio content.
Arturia V Collection X
The V-Collection X is Arturia's largest collection of emulated synths and keyboards.
The Score - Free Update
The Score has recently received a free update, introducing several noteworthy improvements.
Revoice Pro 5
Revoice Pro 5 is the perfect solution to all your vocal editing problems.
Antares Vocal Reverb
Vocal Reverb by Antares is a vocal-dedicated reverb plug-in featuring powerful AI Assist technology.
The Orchestra Complete 3 - Free Update
The Orchestra Complete 3 has recently received a free update.
Audioease Altiverb 8
With Altiverb 8, Audioease is launching a new reverb plugin that has some exciting rooms and features up its sleeve.
XLN Audio: Life
Life by XLN Audio introduces an innovative sampling tool that pioneers creative possibilities through the power of machine learning.
Soniccouture: Oldschool Drum Machine
Soniccoture releases the AC-DR Acoustic Drum Machine, a software instrument with a rich old-school drum sound.
Steinberg Cubase 13 is here
With Cubase 13, Steinberg presents exciting new features and workflow improvements for composing, recording, producing, and mixing. Unleash your creativity!
FMC Film Music Contest 2023
The Special Birthday Anniversary Edition of the FMC Film Music Contest 2023 is officially open for registration.
The Orchestra Essentials - Free Update
The Orchestra Essentials has recently received a free update, introducing several noteworthy improvements. 
Synthogy showcases MIDI 2.0
At the NAMM Show 2023, Synthogy Ivory 3 German D has been performed live by Jordan Rudess and Mike Garson.