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Reselling our products


Best Service offers the initial purchaser of a Best Service Software product the opportunity to transfer his product to a new owner under the following terms and conditions:

After the resale, the original buyer
- will not use the product anymore
- will fully delete the product from his computer
- has no more copies of the product data

A flat fee of EURO 25 for de-registration of your license and license fees needs to be paid.
The de-registration can be requested by the registered owner/seller only!

Due to technical reasons you need to place a separate order for each de-registration request!

Please be aware that a product license consists of a full version and all its related updates/upgrades/crossgrades. If you sell a license, make sure that you sell the full version with all related upgrades/upgrades/crossgrades; otherwise the new owner will not be able to authorize the product. Updates/upgrades/crossgrades licenses must be sold together with the initial versions they are updated from. All serial numbers are part of the same license and inseparable.
If you cannot find an old version in the dropdown list, please chose the latest available version of the product.
After the sale and confirmed de-registration, please forward your license to your buyer / new owner!
Please make it obvious when selling the license that it is an original license, where the manufacturer has agreed to a license transfer.

We strongly warn against purchasing software licenses on the second-hand market that do not have a deregistration confirmation from the manufacturer - otherwise you bear the full risk!


  • EDU versions, NFRs, Promotion Bundle (2for1) or Free Products are excluded.
  • A second-hand purchased product can not be resold
  • Bundled products purchased as a bundle can be de-registered with a common reseller order (please note this request in the shopping cart and provide only one of the serial numbers). If the bundle content was purchased step by step, the individual libraries can only be unregistered and sold separately.
  • Only products of the manufacturer Best Service can be managed in our service.
  • For products distributed by Best Service please contact the respective manufacturers directly.