Applied Acoustics Systems was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It is a privately-held company, specializing in innovative audio products for Mac and PC computers. Applied Acoustics Systems flagship product, the Tassman, a software-synthesizer program for amateur and professional musicians, as well as audio post-producers, is distributed worldwide through retail, direct and Internet sales.

Ultra Analog VA-3 + PACKS Bundle
Virtual analog software-synthesizer + 15 Sound Packs
String Theory - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
Preset collection produced by Adam Pietruszko
Objeq Delay
Creative delay with unique filtering options
Tropical Jam - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Reggae Guitar Preset Collection by Niall McCallum
Masala 2 - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
String Studio Preset collection by Christian Laffitte
Take 3 - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Odd Time Signature Grooves
Libraries Bundle
All 44 AAS Sound Packs
Session Bundle
Three Synths for Music Makers
The Integral Bundle
Six AAS Instruments and all Sound Packs
Funky Cat - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Funky GS2 SoundPack by Niall McCallum
Ultra Analog VA-3
Virtual analog software-synthesizer
Ultra Analog VA-3 Update
For registered users of VA-1/2
Ultra Analog VA-3 Upgrade
For registered Users of Ultra Analog Session
Deconstruction  - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
102 Landscape Presets for Chromaphone 2
Synth City - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s
Fear Within - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
String Studio Preset Collection by Adam Pietruszko
Turmoil District - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Trap, RnB, Hip Hop & Ambient Presets by Emeric Emeric Zubar
Blue Rhythms - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
GS2 SoundPack by Sound Designer Yves Frulla
Power Chords - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
GS2 SoundPack by Sound Designer Christian Laffitte
Stranger Strings - String Studio VS-2 Soundpack
Eclectic collection of 100+ presets
Good Folks - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Folk Style Guitar Grooves
Solids - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Preset collection for Chromaphone 2 by Francis Preve
Strum GS2 + Packs
Strum GS2 including all available Sound Packs
Latin Vibes - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Traditional & Modern Latin Music Guitar Grooves
Modeling Collection Bundle
Bundle containing 6 AAS instruments
Lounge Lizard EP4
The sound of legendary electric pianos
String Studio VS-3
Virtual string modeling synthesizer
Strum GS-2
Plug-in for the production of Guitar tracks
Chromaphone 2
Creative Percussion Synthesizer