Applied Acoustics Systems was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It is a privately-held company, specializing in innovative audio products for Mac and PC computers. Applied Acoustics Systems flagship product, the Tassman, a software-synthesizer program for amateur and professional musicians, as well as audio post-producers, is distributed worldwide through retail, direct and Internet sales.

Ultra Analog VA-3 + PACKS Bundle
Virtual analog software-synthesizer + 15 Sound Packs
String Theory - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
Preset collection produced by Adam Pietruszko
Objeq Delay
Creative delay with unique filtering options
Ultra Analog VA-3
Virtual analog software-synthesizer
Ultra Analog VA-3 Update
For registered users of VA-1/2
Ultra Analog VA-3 Upgrade
For registered Users of Ultra Analog Session
Deconstruction  - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
102 Landscape Presets for Chromaphone 2
Synth City - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
100 presets amalgamating the nostalgia of the 1980s
Fear Within - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
String Studio Preset Collection by Adam Pietruszko
Turmoil District - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Trap, RnB, Hip Hop & Ambient Presets by Emeric Emeric Zubar
Blue Rhythms - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
GS2 SoundPack by Sound Designer Yves Frulla
Power Chords - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
GS2 SoundPack by Sound Designer Christian Laffitte
Stranger Strings - String Studio VS-2 Soundpack
Eclectic collection of 100+ presets
Good Folks - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Folk Style Guitar Grooves
Solids - Chromaphone 2 Sound Pack
Preset collection for Chromaphone 2 by Francis Preve
Strum GS2 + Packs
Strum GS2 including all available Sound Packs
Latin Vibes - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Traditional & Modern Latin Music Guitar Grooves
Modeling Collection Bundle
Bundle containing 6 AAS instruments
Lounge Lizard EP4
The sound of legendary electric pianos
String Studio VS-3
Virtual string modeling synthesizer
Strum GS-2
Plug-in for the production of Guitar tracks
Chromaphone 2
Creative Percussion Synthesizer