Applied Acoustics Systems was founded in 1998 and is based in Montreal, Canada. It is a privately-held company, specializing in innovative audio products for Mac and PC computers. Applied Acoustics Systems flagship product, the Tassman, a software-synthesizer program for amateur and professional musicians, as well as audio post-producers, is distributed worldwide through retail, direct and Internet sales.

Ultra Analog VA-3 + PACKS Bundle
Virtual analog software-synthesizer + 15 Sound Packs
String Theory - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
Preset collection produced by Adam Pietruszko
Objeq Delay
Creative delay with unique filtering options
Kicks and Snares - VA-3 Sound Pack
Collection of punchy Bass Drum & cut-through Snare Presets
Pivotal - VA-3 Sound Pack
158 Ultra Analog VA-3 Presets by Daniel Stawczyk
Technocracy - VA-3 Sound Pack
100 fresh sounds for all dance music producers
Low End Theory - VA-3 Sound Pack
114 Presets for Urban, Trap, or Hip Hop Styles
Transparency - VA-3 Sound Pack
149 Presets full of percussive synth sounds
Reverence - VA-3 Sound Pack
115 Modern and Vintage Analog Synths Presets
Raw - VA-3 Sound Pack
Collection of 100 unpolished, gritty, and dirty sounds
Sounds from BLKRTZ  - VA-3 Sound Pack
100 Dubstep, Ambient, House & Techno Presets
Plastic Pop - VA-3 Sound Pack
127 eighties Style Plastic Pop Presets
Abstractions - VA-3 Sound Pack
127 signature sounds covering standard analog categories
Angelicals - VA-3 Sound Pack
101 retro-futuristic Presets by Andre Ettema
Cinematheque - VA-3 Sound Pack
Collection of Pads & Textures for every Cinematic Occasion
30.8676 Hz - VA-3 Sound Pack
100 Presets by Andre Ettema
Starlight - VA-3 Sound Pack
149 Presets by Daniel Stawczyk
Analog Essentials - VA-3 Sound Pack
141 Analog Synth Sounds Presets
Ultra FX - VA-3 Sound Pack
128 Sound Effects Presets
Tropical Jam - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Reggae Guitar Preset Collection by Niall McCallum
Masala 2 - String Studio VS-3 Soundpack
String Studio Preset collection by Christian Laffitte
Take 3 - Strum GS2 Sound Pack
Odd Time Signature Grooves
Libraries Bundle
All 44 AAS Sound Packs
Session Bundle
Three Synths for Music Makers
The Integral Bundle
Six AAS Instruments and all Sound Packs