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Audio Imperia is a boutique sample library developer, crafting instruments designed to instantly inspire. Continuously renewing its creativity and inventiveness, Audio Imperia is supported by a team of producers that have years of experience in the world of cinematic music and who understand how to breathe life into the heart of a sample.

Essential modern orchestra
Jaeger Hangar 4
Incredibly premium sounding vocal legatos
Talos Volume One: Horns
Epic & Cinematic Brass Ensembles
Talos Volume Two: Low Brass
Cinematic brass library with epic low end
Extensive and modern sounding drum library
Trailer Guitars 1
Perfect synergy of sound design and organic guitars
Trailer Guitars 2
Wide array of cinematic guitars
Klavier - Gravitas Piano
Klavier - Red Planet Piano
Tonal, percussive and ambient cinematic motions
Scenes From The Multiverse Vol. 1
Provide your music with outstanding sound design